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I was so very happy when the FedEx truck pulled into the driveway this afternoon because I knew why it was here. This is why:

Origami Owl loot

My friend Carla who is an independent rep extraordinaire with Origami Owl kindly sent me a full locket to review. I was so glad when we arranged this because I really think these lockets are perfect for my readers – moms in particular and for dads because these lockets would make fabulous gifts for the wife!

I knew it would be pretty but let me tell you, the online photos do not do these lockets and charms justice. They’re beautiful. Solid, heavy (but not too heavy) and high quality construction make these something you’ll cherish for a really long time.

I won’t go into all the details of the founding of the company, but I encourage you to read the whole Origami Owl story on Carla’s site as soon as you finish entering the giveaway below. It’s inspiring to say the least.

Click here to read the full story of the Origami Owl company.

I love how it came packaged (see above) but I really love the little pinch pocket storage bag that Carla sent!
Origami Owl locket storage pocket

Here’s a shot with my sweet locket safely tucked in the storage bag. Doesn’t it look all cozy? πŸ™‚
Origami Owl locket in pouch

There is much to love about this whole concept. The idea behind the charms is telling a story – so once you choose your locket (each locket comes with a standard chain but you can upgrade your chain if you want) and charms you’ll have a wearable scrapbook around your neck. I chose 4 charms and a disk that says “family”. The charms represent our family – a Y for our last name, a heart lock because we’ve given our hearts to each other for safe keeping and then music notes and a music staff because music is a huge part of our lives and because we love to worship God by singing and playing music.

Another fabulous feature of these lockets is that it’s easy to “swap out” your charms so you can be telling a different story with each wearing. Choose just one locket and switch out the charms and/or disk inside based on what story you want to wear that day. The locket opens easily but is held together with a magnetic pull so the charms will never fall out.
Origami Owl locket open

Here’s the best part: Carla is also allowing me to host a giveaway here for a $50 credit toward a purchase of your own Origami Owl products! I’ll choose ONE random person from the entries below to win the giveaway. (Giveway winner must have U.S. address)

Ok so here are the details for the giveaway. Sorry, international readers. This giveaway is only available to US Residents.


To enter you must visit Carla’s Shop and list in your comment at least 3 charms you’d choose for your locket if you were to buy or win one (don’t worry – if you win you can change your mind later!). Make sure you include your email address too so we can notify you if you win! That counts for your mandatory entry. I’ll choose a random winner on August 3, 2012 so hurry!


Other ways to add entries are as follows:

1. Tweet this giveaway and come back to comment with the tweet url of the specific tweet. This will give you five more entries into the giveaway. (don’t worry about commenting 5 times about your tweet – I’ll take care of that – just one more comment is fine!) Here’s a sample tweet that fits the 140 character limit: “Fabulous Origami Owl living locket giveaway! Win $50 product credit: http://parentingzoo.com/members/?p=1885”

2. “Like” Carla’s Origami Owl facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/DesignALocket
Come back here to this post and comment that you liked her page with your FB name so we can verify! This will give you five more entries into the giveaway.(Again, don’t worry about commenting 5 times about your like – I’ll take care of that – just one more comment is fine!)

3. Take advantage of Carla’s offer of a free charm with a $50 shop purchase before the giveaway ends. Come back here and comment that you ordered with your order number to confirm. This will count for five more entries into the giveaway! (Yep, again, I’ll take care of the extra comments so you’re entered the extra times.)

4. Share the giveaway on your Facebook wall or anywhere else “social”. Come back and comment how and what you did to share the giveaway. Each additional type of sharing counts for one more entry – but for this one you’ll need to comment each time.

In addition to the giveaway above, Carla has generously offered our Parenting Zoo readers a *FREE* charm with a purchase of $50 or more (before shipping and tax) on her online shop. Click here to visit her shop and choose your story to tell. After you’ve placed your order contact Carla at orders at designalocket dot com, tell her you heard about her offer through Parenting Zoo and let her know which free charm you would like to have! THANKS Carla! The free charm with $50 purchase offer expires 8/31/12. US residents only please.
Click here for Carla’s Origami Owl website and shop.

I can’t resist! More photos:




I’ve listed this at:

Contestformoms.com Contests & Sweepstakes

Contest void where prohibited. U.S. Residents only.


*****UPDATE – Comments for this are now closed*********

The Winner of this review is comment #25 – Theresa G. at Faith and Family Books.Β  I’ve emailed Carla your information so she can contact you about your prize!Β  Congrats!!

Comment #25


Disclaimer: I received product from Carla New, Independent Representative for Origami Owl to review and offer this giveaway. I was not compensated to write this post in any other way than receiving the product from her nor was I required to give a positive review of the product. The product I received was equivalent to the amount of the giveaway prize offered.

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158 Responses to “Origami Owl”
  1. Admin says:

    Testing Comments

  2. The charms are precious the three I would get first are the birthstone, clear crystal crown, clear puffy heart or maybe the camera depending who I would get it for

  3. Julie Stackhouse says:

    The charms are beautiful! I would choose August Boy, Letter Z and Love. I also liked Carla’s facebook page.

  4. Julie S. says:

    Julie FB1

  5. Julie S. says:

    Julie FB2

  6. Julie S. says:

    Julie FB3

  7. Julie S. says:

    Julie FB4

  8. Julie S. says:

    Julie FB5

  9. I would pick the camera, vintage typewriter, and music notes. Also like the birthstones and coffee/tea cup!

  10. Admin says:

    Kathryn Grace Twitter #5

  11. Admin says:

    Kathryn Grace Twitter #2

  12. Admin says:

    Kathryn Grace Twitter #3

  13. Admin says:

    Kathryn Grace Twitter #4

  14. Joyce Gearhart says:

    I love them all. Three significant ones are Foprever Family, I love to read, and Autism. Thank you for the chance to win.

  15. These are soooooo Cute!

    I would get a locket for my oldest daughter who is 12. The awkward stage

    I would get Angel Wing, Star, Peace
    I wrote a song for her when she was born and called her my Angel Star. She likes Peace signs. If I picked a 4th charm it would be a puppy paw or something red, she LOVES RED.

    Plates would say dream wish = words I used in her song.

  16. Cheri Leggett says:

    These are beautiful and such a great idea! I really like the Family heart, Vintage rose, and the Tea cup!

  17. ann stephenson says:

    I choose 5 birthstones and our an S for the family name. I have gone to this site several times to try to figure out what I would choose! There are so many to choose from! I just can’t decide!

  18. PZoo says:

    Thanks for the comments ladies! Anita, I loved how you shared your story even here. I bet your daughter would love this!! Cheri – the teacup was going to be one of my choices so I’ll probably add that one down the road or create a separate grouping of charms just around a tea/book/cozy theme.

  19. Sandi Phillips says:

    Cute charms! Wonderful idea, I can wear a necklace charm much easier than a bracelet. The charms for mine would be pink crystal crown, sea horse and vintage rose.

  20. PZoo says:

    I agree Ann … there are so many choices. That’s why I was so happy that the locket is so easy to open and swap out charms!

    Sandi, I like bracelets a LOT but I’ve been trying to wear more necklaces too so I was happy this one “fits” with my nicer AND my more casual clothing!

  21. I liked Carla’s Facebook page under my Theresa J Gould account (different than my personal one! πŸ™‚
    (added by admin: FB #1)

  22. Ok, I did this haphazardly and am finally leaving my comments about which charms I’d like:
    love to read
    sewing machine
    the crystal cross
    vintage typerwriter

    oops…that’s more than three, isn’t it?! πŸ™‚ Got a little carried away…

  23. Randi S says:

    Hmm, so many great options…I think I might choose the autism heart, august birthstone and blessed plate…for my son:)

  24. Randi S says:

    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/MrsS07/status/224533215489171456
    (added by admin – Tweet #5)

  25. Randi S says:

    I liked her on FB as well (randi sampson) πŸ™‚

    Also, not sure if my last comment posted…it’s not showing up on my end, but told me it had already been posted? But I did tweet as well!!


    (added by admin-Tweet #1)

  26. I would choose the angel, crystal cross, and ichthyic fish.

  27. I liked Carla’s Facebook page.

    (added by admin FB#1)

  28. RJ says:

    These are beautiful! I’d choose the vintage typewriter, red shoe, and maybe the camera or horse. Can’t decide between those two!

  29. RJ says:

    Liked her on Facebook under Virtuous Girlhood.

    (added by adming FB#1)

  30. Admin says:

    Randi S. Tweet #2

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    Randi S. Tweet #3

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    Randi S. Tweet #4

  33. Admin says:

    Randi S. FB#1

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    Randi S. FB#2

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    Randi S. FB#3

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    Randi S. FB#4

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    Randi S. FB#5

  38. Admin says:

    Rita S. FB#2

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    Rita S. FB#3

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    Rita S. FB#4

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    Rita S. FB#5

  42. Admin says:

    RJ FB#2

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    RJ FB#5

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    RJ Tweet #2

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    RJ Tweet #3

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    RJ Tweet #4

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    RJ Tweet #5

  50. Admin says:

    Thanks everyone. Sorry if it took a while for some comments to post recently. Apparently my webserver was down for a while but … it’s all better now! Please keep sharing!!

  51. Sarah Olson says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I love the creativity of Origami Owl πŸ™‚
    Here are the charms I would choose if I was blessed enough to win:

    Item #: CH5001 (footprint for my Christian faith)
    Item #: CH8019 (silver “S” for my name)
    Item #: CH1011 (beautiful horse because I love them)

    It was so hard to choose three because they are all so beautiful!
    (I am a US of A resident, by the way, so I can participate)

  52. Admin says:

    Theresa F&F Tweet #2

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    Theresa F&F Tweet #3

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    Theresa F&F Tweet #4

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    Theresa F&F Tweet #5

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    Theresa F&F FB#2

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    Theresa F&F FB#3

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    Theresa F&F FB#4

  59. Admin says:

    Theresa F&F FB#5

  60. Jazmin Tamayo says:

    The 3 charms I would choose are Birthstone December girl, Birthstone March boy and Birthstone May boy. I also liked Carla’s Facebook page πŸ™‚
    (added by admin: FB#1)

  61. Mary Combs says:

    Love this stuff, simply beautiful!
    The three charms I would pick are
    Enamel Owl
    And October Birthstone
    I cant wait to have a party!

  62. Mary Combs says:

    And I “liked” Carla’s FB page πŸ™‚
    (added by admin: FB#1)

  63. Admin says:

    Jazmin T. FB#2

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    Jazmin T. FB#3

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    Jazmin T. FB#4

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    Jazmin T. FB#5

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    Mary C. FB#2

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    Mary C. FB#3

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    Mary C. FB#4

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    Mary C. FB#5

  71. Tara G says:

    I would buy the anchor, palm tree and airplane. I love to travel!

  72. Tara G says:

    I liked Carla’s origami owl fb page.
    (added by admin FB#1)

  73. Ted Guglielmo says:

    key to my heart, love and heart with wings. they are of course for my Fiance

  74. Francisca S. says:

    I’d choose the following charms: heart with wings, january round birthstone and the cherries charm

  75. karen says:

    The faith, vintage rose, and the sand dollar charms.

  76. Serena Powell says:

    I would probably choose the sewing machine, camera, and Vintage Typewriter

  77. Lauren says:

    too cute! i like the just married, silver infinity, and i love you postcard

  78. Liza says:


  79. Admin says:

    Tara G. FB#2

  80. Admin says:

    Tara G. FB#3

  81. Admin says:

    Tara G. FB#4

  82. Admin says:

    Tara G. FB#5

  83. Kambrea says:

    I would choose the Family Heart, artist palette, and the owl.

  84. laura ari says:

    I’m so bummed. I just ordered a locket for my 12 year old daughter for her birthday – it was the only thing on her list! I could have really used the credit!

    I’d choose a boy birthstone november, a girl birthstone july and an I love You charm.


  85. Sandi Hendricks says:

    Just placed an order with Carla New for my first locket….ordered for my granddaughter.
    Order #29541
    (added by admin: order #1)

  86. Sandi Hendricks says:

    If I get one for myself I would choose:

    Bon Voyage Suitcase – because I love to travel
    Vintage Typewrite – because I’ve done (and still do) office work forever!
    Letter “S”
    December round stone

    Can’t wait to see the one I ordered!

  87. chele says:

    I would choose the boys with birthstones… one for each of my three sons. They would be lovely in a Mom handstamped metal plate!

  88. Admin says:

    Sandi H Order #2

  89. Admin says:

    Sandi H Order #3

  90. Admin says:

    Sandi H Order #4

  91. Admin says:

    Sandi H Order #5

  92. Admin says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Please keep sharing! Sandi H – your granddaughter will really love this. I wore mine out the other day and kind of felt like the days when I first got my engagement ring where I was flashing it around so people would look and ask me about it. πŸ™‚ So fun!

  93. Mary Williams says:

    I would choose the camera, the June birthday boy, and the Golden Wing!
    maryw1981 at yahoo dot com

  94. Mary Williams says:

    I tweeted about this
    maryw1981 at yahoo dot com

  95. Mary Williams says:

    I liked her on facebook

  96. Jennifer Jo Archdeacon says:

    I shared on facebook

  97. Karen V. says:

    These are great! I would choose the crystal paw, the pancreatic cancer ribbon in lavender (althought I would wear it for lupus instead)and the angel wing. Although I like a lot of the other charms too!

  98. Karen V. says:

    I Origami Owl on Facebook. My FB name is Karen M. Vander Stouw.

  99. Ali Goff says:

    I would get the vintage rose, the key to my heart, and the I love to read charms.

  100. Ali Goff says:

    I liked Origami Owl on Facebook.

  101. Jennifer Jo Archdeacon says:

    I would like the crystal cross, the star and my initial.

  102. I have never heard of this!! I would have to choose the BIRTHSTONE JUNE BOY, BIRTHSTONE AUG. BOY and SILVER C WITH CRYSTALS – June for my youngest son, August for my oldest son & C for our last name!

  103. Liked her page on facebook – jessiicali Mae on FB!

  104. Crystal Renee says:

    These are really pretty! I would choose the sea horse, sand dollar, and the sea turtle.

  105. Crystal Renee says:

    Liked Carla’s Origami Owl facebook page as Crystal Renee.

  106. Kathryn Perkins says:

    I would choose the Marine Corps charm, Birthstone July girl & Birthstone February boy. kathaddad88@gmail.com

  107. Admin says:

    Mary W. Tweet #2

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    Mary W. Tweet #3

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    Mary W. Tweet #4

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    Mary W. Tweet #5

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    Mary W. FB#2

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    Mary W. FB#3

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    Mary W. FB#4

  114. Admin says:

    Mary W. FB#5

  115. Admin says:

    Jennifer Jo Tweet #2

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    Jennifer Jo Tweet #3

  117. Admin says:

    Jennifer Jo Tweet #4

  118. Admin says:

    Jennifer Jo Tweet #5

  119. Admin says:

    Karen V FB#2

  120. Admin says:

    Karen V FB#3

  121. Admin says:

    Karen V FB#4

  122. Admin says:

    Karen V FB#5

  123. Admin says:

    Ali G FB#2

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    Ali G FB#3

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    Ali G FB#4

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    Ali G FB#5

  127. Admin says:

    jessiicali Mae FB#2

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    jessiicali Mae FB#3

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    jessiicali Mae FB#4

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    jessiicali Mae FB#5

  131. Admin says:

    Crystal Renee FB#2

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    Crystal Renee FB#3

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    Crystal Renee FB#4

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    Crystal Renee FB#5

  135. Admin says:



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