Have a Product to Review?

Please read below before contacting us – it’ll help! Trust us!

Do you want to offer a product giveaway?
We can do that! We love contests and giveways. It’s a great way to feature your product and create buzz! We ask that you send us one product directly to review first, and then a promise from you that you will also ship a second product directly to the winner of the giveaway.

(Please note: if we learn that, after a giveaway here, you do not honor your commitment to ship the product to the winner we will let our mailing list know. Please don’t ask us to do a giveaway unless you will follow through on your commitment.)

Do you want us to do a product review without a giveway?

Because we get so many requests for product reviews we are no longer doing free reviews.

We’re willing, however, to do paid reviews for products that would be of interest and value to our target market (parents of babies, toddlers and preschoolers). Offers not geared toward our target market will be ignored.

If we try your product and do not like it, we will let you know before requesting review payment and offer feedback but your product will not be returned. Product reviews without a giveaway is $25 – payable only after we review your product and determine that our review will be positive. There is no obligation for you to pay us for the review should we deem the product won’t suit or target market or we can’t give you a favorable review.

After we review your product we’ll donate the product to an appropriate organization or, if you’d prefer the product be returned to you, we can do that, provided you provide return shipping costs.

Contact us first before mailing anything. Just email us at mum at parentingzoo dot com! THANKS!