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I love it when I get fun things to pass on to you! This one looks great!
MyGym contest

Throughout 2013, My Gym locations across North America will celebrate thirty years of providing fitness and fun to families by offering money saving membership and class discounts, conducting a search tocrown My Gym’s Fit & Healthy Family and hosting fun and fitness-filled My Gym 30th Birthday party/ Open Houses.

Offered April 1 through June 30, the My Gym discounts include free membership to families signing on for the first time and 30% off for four weeks of classes at participating locations.
Also taking place April 1 through June 30, My Gym’s 30th anniversary Fit & Healthy Family Contest is a initiative designed to encourage families to demonstrate how they have made fitness a key part of their family’s lifestyle and share their own family fitness tips with families everywhere through the My Gym contest’s social media.
In August, participating My Gym locations throughout the North America will open their doors for free-to-the-public 30th birthday party/open houses – My Gym style.

Open to families in North America, the My Gym Fit & Healthy Family Contest invites families with at least two members in the same household (and one member a child under the age of ten) to enter by submitting a photo of their family engaged in physical activity along with 100-200 words sharing their favorite family fitness tip(s). The photos and accompanying tips will be posted on My Gym’s Official Facebook Page for the public to vote for their favorite entry. Families receiving the most votes will become among the 30 semi-finalists from which the Grand Prize winner will be chosen. Semi-finalists will win prizes from My Gym’s official cleaning sponsor BabyGanics (, the leading provider of household and personal care products for every touch point in a baby’s life; DVD’s of the popular children’s animated series Chuggington (; a prestigious Recognition Certificate from the President’s Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition (; and a specially-designed My Gym prize pack. The grand prize family will win the acclaimed sports activity toy line from Little Tikes ( along with a year free of My Gym classes and a birthday party

To download the discount coupon, to electronically enter the contest and for all details and rules, please visit

Doesn’t that sound like a great deal? Enjoy and let me know if you sign up so I can vote for you!

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Activities to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Kids through the Holidays

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kids swimmingDiabetes prevention needs to start early.  I myself never paid much attention to diabetes – I have always been fairly active and healthy with my choices, but when one of my younger cousins was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, my eyes were opened to the fact that while I was making healthy choices for myself, I wasn’t encouraging my family members to do the same.

After my cousin was diagnosed I set out to learn as much as I could to try and help her. I was astonished at what I found – according to St. Joseph’s Hospital Cardiac Center, if diabetes is left untreated, people can develop heart disease, stroke, and even neurological problems later in life. This is not what I want my cousin to face later in her life! Through further research, I learned that the best way to prevent – and manage – Type 2 Diabetes is through a healthy nutrition and regular exercise. Phew – something I can actually help her with…

kids walkingSince exercise is one of the major forms of diabetes prevention, parents should engage kids in exercise to counteract the foods that they may eat over the holidays. Exercise controls kids’ blood sugar levels and helps insulin work better in the body. Weight can also be controlled by exercise, and this can help to manage insulin levels.

Consider these activities to help kids active throughout the holidays:

Engage in Child’s Play   

Sometimes I see adults discourage children from playing “too much”, but the act of play is a form of exercise and can help children prevent diabetes. Children can run and play tag to stay active, or even go on family walks or hikes in the woods.  Games like tennis, badminton, Frisbee or mini golf are also forms of child’s play that are great activities for diabetes prevention.  Basketball, kickball, and soccer are also additional ways to prevent diabetes in children.


Walking is a great form of exercise. Go for a walk in your neighborhood or walk in a park. This can prevent diabetes and help to keep the insulin regulated.  Find a wooded area or an interesting area to walk in and be certain to vary your speed while walking. To build leg muscles, try walking backward. Thirty minutes is recommended for the best results.

Ride a Bicycle
Bicycle riding can also help those who may be at-risk for developing diabetes. Experts recommend taking a diabetic supply kit along on the ride and avoiding wooded area. Scratches or injury can be difficult to heal if you have diabetes.  Many kids love to ride bikes so it will not feel like exercise to them, but more as a fun activity that they actually enjoy doing.


Swimming is recommended for people with diabetes because it doesn’t require so much effort on one’s joints. Diabetics should swim with a friend in the event of diabetic shock and always test blood sugar before and after being active.

Prevent Diabetes Through the Holidays
Staying active through the holidays can help to prevent diabetes in kids. Kids can develop good habits early, and these good habits can turn into long-term lifestyle choices that will keep them healthy for many years to come.

Carolyn is a 20-something year old with a passion for life, fitness and overall well-being. She is an avid cycler, golfer and has been known to bust some serious moves on the dance floor. Check out Carolyn’s blog at

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Why Gardening Is Good for Your Health and Life

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Part of a parterre in an English garden. Photo...
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Gardening is a fantastic activity in many ways. It’s a great form of exercise, stress reliever, creative outlet, and just plain old good fun. Studies have shown that regular exposure to nature and fresh air is good for us. Not only will you feel energized and refreshed after a gardening session, but you’ll also feel a great sense of achievement.

Here are a few other reasons why gardening is a great all-around exercise:

#1 – Stress relief. Many of us lead very stressful lives. Gardening is a good way of relieving that stress. It’s a quiet, gentle activity that also helps you connect with nature and clear your mind. There’s something very nurturing about getting close the earth and having a part in helping something grow.

#2 – Great for joints and flexibility. As we get older, so do our joints and mobility. Gardening is a great option for keeping your joints supple and flexible without too much pressure. Simple exercises like bending, lifting and light digging will help your flexibility and muscle tone. All of this will lead to improved health and quality of life.

#3 – Keeps you busy. If you already have a busy schedule then gardening may be something you fit in on the weekends or in short spurts. However, if you’re out of work or retired, keeping a garden is a great way of staying active, fit and healthy. You’ll also feel a wonderful sense of achievement when you see the fruit of your labor.

#4 – Great social activity. Gardening is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are joining community garden projects and schemes. This is a great way to bond with your community. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for swapping home-grown produce and teaching your kids and family about healthy eating. Gardening is a great link for friendships. It’s a good way to meet like-minded people doing something you enjoy.

#5 – Great for children. Children are naturally geared to love gardening. They have an inbuilt instinct for connecting with the earth around them. Give a young child a small shovel and a vegetable patch and they may happily dig for hours. Exposure to gardening also shows kids the importance of food and healthy eating, as well as caring for their environment. Many schools now have gardening clubs and projects to help children get involved as gardeners too.

On the surface gardening seems like a great health activity, and it is, but there are also many other wonderful benefits. Along with getting plenty of fresh air and exercise you can relieve stress, make new friends, show your kids the importance of our environment and keep your joints and muscles supple. It’s a fantastic all-around activity to enjoy.

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Swim Your Way to Health

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Swimming is a fantastic exercise. It helps build stamina, keeps your joints and muscles supple, develops strength and releases stress. Swimming is also quite therapeutic and many people feel very relaxed from being in water. It’s a great way to unwind and even come up with creative ideas for life and work.

Here are a few more reasons why swimming is a great all-around exercise.

#1 – Keeps you healthy. Swimming is a great way of building up cardiovascular health. It also helps reduce weight and tone your body. If you find going to the gym or running isn’t great for you, why not give swimming a try? You can start slowly and build up to a higher level at your own pace.

#2 – Easy on your joints. If you have joint problems, swimming is a great exercise option. It’s particularly good if you’re very overweight or elderly because you can exercise without putting your joints under stress. Being in the water also gives you a feeling of lightness and it’s a good way to give your body a bit of relief while getting healthy at the same time.

#3 – Fantastic for children. Most children love the water. Swimming not only helps them develop a potentially life-saving skill but also gives them a chance to relax and have fun in the water. It’s a great activity to do as a family and will keep everyone fit. For children who are particularly overweight or obese swimming is highly recommended. It takes the emphasis off their weight and allows them to simply have fun and “be a kid” while keeping fit at the same time.

#4 – Tones the whole body. While many exercises only tone certain parts of the body (for example, running tones the legs more than the upper body), swimming is a good overall body toner. As you swim your whole body needs to work as one to stay afloat. This means your entire body gets toned and strengthened in the process.

#5 – Great for weight loss. Swimming may seem easy and like a lot of fun (and it is) but it’s also a great calorie burner. Did you know that you could burn approximately 350 calories for every 30 minutes of moderate swimming? In fact, may experts believe that swimming burns more calories than running, without the stress on the joints. If you’re looking for a great all-round fat burner, you may want to give swimming a try. It’s particularly effective because it doesn’t strain the joints, ideal if you’re carrying around extra weight.

Swimming is a fun and healthy way to stay fit. It’s great for anyone from the very young to the very elderly. For all-round great health, give swimming a try.

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Five Relaxation Ideas for Busy Parents

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Parents can be busy, especially if they have more than one child. One child may play a sport, another may play in the band, and another may be involved in scouting. Parents may feel like nothing more than a glorified cab driver. These five relaxing ideas for busy parents will help for those times when they actually have no running to do.

Read a book

How long has it been since you’ve curled up with a good book? Set aside time each day to do just that. Maybe you can’t physically get comfy in your favorite chair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take time to read. If your children have you taxiing them all over the place, take along a book to read while you wait for them. You may actually be able to finish that book you started before your children were born.

Hire a babysitter and hit the town

Take some time out for you and your partner. Keep a list of trusted babysitters handy for those times you’re not busy. Call one of them up and ask them to keep the kids while you and your partner go out on the town.

Find a nice, quiet restaurant and promise not to talk about the children. While you’re at it, why not take in a movie you’d both like to see? Your children are already being cared for; you may as well take advantage of the time without them to truly enjoy yourselves.

Exercise together

Physical exercise has been shown to reduce stress and it’s also good for the body. The great thing is that exercising also releases endorphins which help you relax and feel good, sometimes for hours after you’ve finished exercising. Another benefit of exercising together is that you can encourage each other when the going gets tough.

Take a mental vacation

Children daydream regularly, but it seems parents have forgotten this important activity. Take time to sit together and daydream. Talk about where you’d like to travel and about things you’d like to do while you’re there. Visualize your destination and let your minds wander. Before long you’ll feel relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Listen to music

It’s been said that “music soothes the savage beast;” it might be just the thing you need to help you relax, as well. Choose your favorite soft music. Maybe you like instrumental or nature sounds. These can be very relaxing when used during your mental vacation.

Busy parents are often found running their children from one activity to another as well as spending a good portion of their day at work. They may not have the luxury of taking time for themselves, but it’s important they do. Use one or more of these five relaxing ideas for busy parents to find ways to refresh and refocus on each other.

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Five Ways to Be a Fitness Role Model to Your Children

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Faith & Aaron running (front)_2702c
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Childhood obesity is a concern of medical experts these days. It seems children spend so much time in front of the television, gaming consoles, or computers that they aren’t as active as they used to be. Instead of signing your children up for a weight-loss reality show, here are five ways to be a fitness role model to your children.

1. Learn to recognize hunger. Do you recognize when you’re truly hungry or do you eat out of boredom or because the clock says it’s time to eat? If you can recognize hunger and teach your children to do the same thing, they’ll be more likely to avoid eating except when truly hungry.

2. Get moving! Many people think you have to run a marathon or spend hours a day working out to be fit. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, studies have proven that being active even in small ways can help you maintain normal weight. Have you told your child to stop fidgeting? Well, fidgeting actually burns calories.

There are small things you can do that will help you be a fitness role model. Take the steps at the mall rather than an elevator or escalator. You can also park further away from the store instead of driving around looking for a close spot; this will allow you to walk a little bit. By working up to 45 minutes of activity a day, you’ll be amazed how much better your entire family will feel.

3. Limit screen time. Many children have their own computer or television in their room. This encourages them to spend time watching someone else be active rather than being active themselves. You may want to move the electronics out of their bedroom and keep them in the common areas of the home so you can limit how much time they spend in front of them. Encourage them to roller skate, ride their bikes, or do some other physical activity instead of staying in front of a screen.

4. Eat your meals together. Cooking your meals and eating them together at home will allow you to control what your children are eating and how much. Plan your meals out for at least a week so you know what to buy to avoid getting junk food. Prepare fresh meals rather than processed foods; they’re more nutritious and better quality.

5. Speak positively about being fit and healthy. If your children hear “I dread going to work out” they’ll think exercise is something to be dreaded and avoided. Instead, if they hear how much you’re looking forward to going to work out, they’ll see exercise as something good and positive which will make them more likely to enjoy it. 

These are five ways to be a fitness role model to your children. Obviously there are other ways, but by starting with one or more of these you’ll be able to change your home and your family for the better. Don’t underestimate the role you play in encouraging your children to be healthy. Why not get started today?

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Wii Fit

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Where to buy:

The Wii Fit is a product designed to get you fit in the comfort of your home. You can choose from four different categories: Aerobic Exercise, Muscle Conditioning, Yoga Poses and Balance Games. The Wii Fit comes with the Balance Board, which is a new peripheral with pressure sensors. It is used for various activities.

Before you start exercising you create your own personal profile. This includes giving your height and age information. Your BMI will be checked by standing on the Wii Balance Board, which will give your exact weight. You will also be asked to perform a basic balance test to give you a Wii Fit Age.

Once you have been assigned a Wii Fit Age, you can start exercising. The Wii Fit will guide you through the fitness categories with the help of a virtual personal trainer. The aerobic/strength training will engage you in exercises that will strengthen and tone your muscles, from sideways leg lift, arm and leg lift, push-up and side plank, lunge and more. Additional challenges will push your exercise goals even further.

The Aerobic category increases your cardio vascular workout and exercises like super hula hoop, Advanced Step, Rhythm Boxing and more will get your heart pumping and your mood increasing. The Yoga category includes Yoga Poses like Cobra, Bridge, Palm Tree, Chair and more to improve your balance and flexibility.

The Balance Games are lots of fun and involve exercises on the balance board, from ski slalom, tightrope walk, soccer heading to lotus focus and more.

The Wii Fit allows you to keep track of your fitness progress, set exercise goals, see graphs of your BMI improvements, your Wii Fit Age and more. Up to 8 family members can have their own personal profiles in Wii Fit and can compete against each other.

The Wii Fit caters for all ages and activity levels. It is a fun and healthy way to get fit at home.

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