Legoland Discovery Museum

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Visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago and it’s like you’ve just jumped into the world’s biggest box of LEGO bricks! With over 3 million LEGO bricks, rides and a 4D movie theatre all under one roof, what will you discover?

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My readers can get a FREE Child Admission with Full Paid $20 Adult Admission!

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Back to Nature – How to Encourage Today’s Housebound Children to Explore the Great Outdoors

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Latino Children Play Swing

Latino Children Play Swing (Photo credit:

Years ago, summertime meant the sound of children playing in neighborhood yards. These days, however, yards remain silent as kids are camped out in front of computers, televisions, and video games.

To help the health of our children and get them in touch with nature, we need to get them back outside. Here are some ways to encourage housebound children to enjoy the outdoors.

1. Get outside yourself – If your children see you sitting in front of the TV all evening, they will follow suit and won’t be motivated to get outside. Getting outdoors is healthy for adults, too, so do your whole family a favor and invite them outside for a group game of Frisbee, horseshoes, or a nature walk. The first step to getting your kids outdoors is to lead them there.

2. Build a tree house or playhouse – Remember tree houses and playhouses? These little hide-aways provide wonderful scope for children’s imaginations. They can be forts, pioneer cabins, igloos, stores, and anything your children can imagine.

3. Cut the cable – Have you thought about simply getting rid of cable television? Gasp! It may sound like a huge step, but those who have ditched the cable claim not to miss the TV and to be glad for the extra money each month. Consider scaling back or cutting out cable altogether, or rationing your kids’ television and computer time.

4. Swing! – Whether it’s a tire swing or a full-scale swing set and slide, put some sort of activity center out in your yard if possible. This will encourage your children and their friends to go outside and play. If it’s not possible, go to a park.

5. Build solar toys – Is your child a techie who loves computers and computer games? Try building solar-powered toys (there are good-quality kits available) or other solar-powered gadgets. You have to be outside in the sun to make them work!

6. Start a garden – It can be in containers or prepared beds outdoors, but gardening can get the whole family outside. It’s good exercise, too. Kids enjoy watching the plants or seeds they plant grow, bloom, and bear fruit. This fascination will draw them outside.

7. Collect stuff – Kids love collections. Begin rock, leaf, or feather collections. Get a good field guide and go on hikes and walks to find more items for the collection. Some children enjoy finding bugs and insects, too.

8. Look to the stars – Invest in a small telescope or binoculars and a good constellation map, and look to the skies. It can open up worlds of study and fascination to explore the heavens.

9. Have picnics and cookouts – Cooking and eating outside gets the whole family outdoors. Weekends and evenings are perfect times for these kinds of outdoor activities. A kite, Frisbee, ball, or other outdoor game will get everyone exercising and moving.

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10 strategies for de-cluttering and organizing toys in your child’s playroom.

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Hot Wheels

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About ready to pull your hair out?  Kids room or the play room a mess?  Are you tired of yelling at your kids to clean up their rooms or feeling like no matter how you try the kids’ rooms are always an unorganized mess … or even worse, a health hazard?  Try these quick tips to de-clutter and organize your kids’ rooms – and keep it that way!

1. Model it – Well face it, if you can’t keep your own room clean and tidy your kids kind of have a right to say “but Mom, you don’t do it either!” right?  Take some time to look at your own space and make sure you’re modeling the behavior you’re now asking of your kids.

2.  Simplify – Most kids, in America at least, have way too many toys in their possession.  Take a day to purge out the old stuff and either do a big garage sale (let the kids keep the earnings) or donate it all to your local goodwill.  Keep only the things that your kids have really played with over the last 6 months to a year. Everything that hasn’t been touched (or doesn’t have some sentimental value) must go.

3.  One Thing out at a time – This is probably one of the best, yet hardest, concepts to encourage and enforce. It’s the one toy/game out at a time rule.  If a toy is out and not being played with it should be put away before another toy or game comes out.  Pretty simple, right?

4. Everything in it’s place – following on the one thing out at a time rule make sure your toys, books, stuffed animals and toys each have a confirmed resting spot or storage spot so when your kids are cleaning up and putting away, they know exactly where that item goes… every time.

5.  Have zones for multiple kids – Establish clean up zones for families with multiple kids.  Each child has one section of the playroom that they’re responsible to keep tidy.  Make sure, though, that the other kids aren’t just throwing their messes into another child’s jurisdiction to make it easy!

6.  Use under bed boxes – If you don’t have a lot of space for storage, utilize under bed boxes for storage of some of the toys and games. It’s a great way to organize too.

7. Space bags – Space bags (you know, those special bags that you load up and then suck the air out with the vacuum?) are great for stuffed animals and other soft toys.  Kids love them too because when they open them up, the stuffed animals come to “life” when the air hits them again!

8.  Categorize – Keep your zones organized by categorizing your play spaces – reading nook is over here, hot wheels cars and tracks are over there, all the dolls and clothes stay over here, etc.

9. Clean up song – Once a day, play a special song during clean up time.  Make it fun, sing along and help your kids during this special part of the day.

10. Reward for a job well done – After the clean up song, enjoy some milk and cookies or other special treat for a job well done!

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My Storytime Friends – So cute!

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**UPDATED! I WON this great bear kit this week and did a product review on it! Make sure you read it when you CLICK HERE!**

This is just perfect! I can’t wait to get my own (ordered my own My Storytime Friend from Amazon today!) to see it for myself! Great for kids 3-8! Click on the video to see the selection on

My Storytime Friends(tm) is an interactive toy and storybook set for children ages 3-8 that is both entertaining and educational. The My Storytime Friends(tm) set includes a unique combination of a plush stuffed animal, an inspiring hardcover storybook and a lifetime membership to the My Storytime Friends(tm) Book of the Month Club. Membership also includes free access to My Storytime Friends(tm) online, an interactive place to learn and play. Kids will love watching their cuddly toys come to life as characters in the new stories each month. Parents and Grandparents will appreciate the positive life lessons the stories teach children about overcoming challenges, helping others and achieving dreams.

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