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Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build, and Grow provides 200 project ideas to make your gardening easier and rewarding. The author, Barbara Pleasant, has written many popular gardening books and is also the editor of various gardening magazines, such as The Herb Companion.

Projects include:

* How to make a flashy scarecrow
* How to make a twig tower in a pot
* How to make a light box from a drawer
* How to make a long-handled watering wand
* How to build a rock swale
* How to weave a wheat good luck charm
* How to make a handmade bamboo or cedar fountain
* How to make a drip wall
* And many more frugal ideas

These handmade garden accessories will help gardeners with various gardening tasks, from planting seeds, controlling weeds to attracting wildlife or keeping plants properly watered. The projects are inexpensive, since they either use recycled everyday items, or supplies that can be easily found in a hardware store.

The gardening projects are lots of fun to put together.

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