Another great preschool story is up over at our sister site The Snuggles Podcast. These short, under 10 minute audio stories are wonderful for toddlers and young ones to listen to – great if they have their own mp3 player or even to just have it on the computer in the background.

This week is another wonderful Beatrix Potter story about a duck that just isn’t very smart – and she wants to hatch her own eggs. Unfortunately in her desperate need to show she CAN sit eggs, she fails to see that the bushy tailed gentleman who is so kind to her really had ulterior motives. Thanks to the Collie Dog on the farm, all is not lost… but you’ll have to listen to find out what happens.

Beatrix Potters stories are delightful and her illustrations are fabulous. If your home library doesn’t include some of her books, I’d encourage you to purchase one or more now. They’ll be ones you’ll pass on to grandchildren and beyond.

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