I thought this book sounded just too cute so I had to post it! Quick and easy craft projects that you can make with your kids with junk – er – things you have around your house already! Talk about a must have rainy day book to have on hand!

Product Description
An ingeniously simple and fully-illustrated book for crafting toys from objects found around the house.

This clever guide focuses on fun, homemade projects using materials anyone can find around the house or that can be purchased for a fraction of what a commercially-produced toy can cost. Using everyday objects from cardboard tubing to paper to clothespins, readers will discover how to make such projects as:

• A milk carton balloon boat

• A rubber band banjo

• A cardboard tube kaleidoscope

• An embroidery hoop tambourine

• And more

Perfect for parents and teachers, these projects enable families to spend less while keeping entertained. Because fun doesn’t always have to come in a box-sometimes, it’s the box itself.
About the Author
Heather Swain is a former third-grade teacher, mother of two, writing instructor, magazine fact-checker, freelance writer, and award- winning author. Her articles have appeared in American Baby Magazine, Time Out New York Kids, and on Salon.com. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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