I’ve been looking around for some other great resources for all you parents of preschoolers and toddlers and wanted to make a note of a few things for this week.

1. Our friends over at Play-Activities.com are hosting the Carnival of Parenting Podcasts – make sure you check it out:

2. If you’ve got plans to visit Disney World or Disney land anytime in the near future with your little ones, make sure you check out the tips over at TipsForToddlers.com. And don’t forget your credit card – it’s expensive!!!

3. My friend Suzanne over at KinderInfo.com has some cute snack ideas that are inspired by Dr. Seuss! I think it’d be great to head to the library, get a few of the book titles she recommends and have a Dr. Seuss week – read a book a day and share the snacks – too much fun! Our favorite Seuss book was “The Foot Book”
I notice she doesn’t have a snack to go with that one… hmmmm…

4. Lisa over at Educational Toy Factory reminds us about National Museum day that’s coming up this Saturday and she’s got some other great posts there including some challenging Thursday Thinkers (she stumps me all the time!)

5. Lisa’s also got a great site called ScienceForPreschoolers.com – make sure you check that one out – fabulous info there!

6. More great meal and snack ideas can be found over at EasyToddlerMeals.com and this week she’s got a great sample 5 day meal planner that will be extremely helpful!

7. Miss Lisa of the BookwormBroadcast.com tells us about a Tricky Sentence Exercise. Make sure you check out her adorable story videos too!

Don’t forget to enter our contest – you can do that by CLICKING HERE!

We’ll take another blog tour next week! And if you know of another great blog or website geared toward parents of preschoolers, please let me know. We’d love to add them to the tour next time!

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