A mainstay snack in preschools and child learning centers across the United States is celery and peanut butter. As an adult I still enjoy this little indulgence occasionally! Here’s a twist on the old favorite that your little ones will love – Celery Coins. Simply stacking the filled celery stalks on top of each other and then cutting them into small coins turns them into fun little bite-sized treats. Love it!

Celery Coins

What You Need:

1 celery bunch
Peanut butter
Pimiento cheese spread
Pineapple cheese spread
Cheddar cheese spread

How to Make It:

Wash and cut the celery and tough white part of the celery and discard.
Lay each piece of celery flat.
Fill with the different fillings.
Top a length of celery with another length with the same filling.
Cut into small sections.
Lay on the sides to make the ringlets.

Easy to make and fun to eat kids just love them. Try any type of prepared cheese spread or make one of your own favorites and watch them disappear.

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