When my kids were young I would save EVERYTHING – and I mean everything in hopes of using it as a craft. The one thing we definitely stockpiled was empty toilet paper rolls (and paper towel rolls). I had bags and boxes full. But it sure was worth it. As the pile grew so did the creative uses for them – and in some cases practical uses too (we couldn’t get our outside fire pit started once and used a bunch of them for kindling. It worked great!)

My girls would use them for pretend campfires when they were “camping” in the basement, They would build towers with them too. A few rolls of scotch tape (or a box of bandages in a pinch) and the tubes became binoculars, rafts for dolls and more. Simple pleasures, huh?

Our friends over at No Time for Flash Cards have some great ideas for cardboard tube crafts today too. Take a look HERE and enjoy!

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