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This is an adorable story that was an entry into a contest HERE.  Unfortunately there was an issue with the contest sponsor’s flash player so after the author uploaded the story to the contest site, part of it isn’t showing.

We’d really appreciate it if you’d vote for her story anyway by clicking VOTE on this page.  You can vote up to once per day, every day until the story ends.

The entire text of the story is below for your enjoyment! 🙂 It is a great bedtime story for your kids!

The Knight’s Code of Honor

by K.Yen

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a knight named Gerald and his young son named Edward. Edward wanted to grow to be just like his father.

“If you want to be a good knight,” his father would say, “you must live by the knight’s code of honor. You must never lie, or steal; you must always be a gentleman; and you must always respect those above you.”

One day a royal princess from a neighboring country came to visit the kingdom. Young Edward was chosen to wait upon her during her visit. While they were on a walk, the princess unknowingly dropped her purse of money. Edward picked it up. “She will never miss it,” he thought. “She is already rich enough.”
He put the purse into his own pocket.

All the rest of the day Edward was uncomfortable. He couldn’t stop thinking about the money he had stolen. Suddenly he remembered what his father had said, and realized with horror that he had broken the knight’s code of honor!

He ran to his father and told him what he had done. His father looked at him sadly and told him that he must give the purse back to the princess and ask her forgiveness.

Edward was afraid, but he gathered his courage and knelt before the princess, presenting her with the purse. He confessed what he had done and begged her forgiveness. The princess was very gracious and forgave him from her heart. Edward vowed that never again would he break the knight’s code of honor!

That night, Edward lay his head on his pillow and slept peacefully, knowing that, in the end, he had done the right thing.

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