If you’ve never tasted Beer Can Chicken then you are really missing something!  Our friends made this for us once and we don’t want to eat our chicken any other way now.

The problem is, our oven isn’t really made for making it the traditional way, which is just placing your whole chicken over the open can of beer and putting on a tray.  We’ve tried other ways to make it work but… well it just doesn’t.

Lookie what I found today (and it’s ON SALE!)
Chicken Cooker

With this little gadget you can fill the well with beer or any other liquid to get that nice moist flavor and not have to worry about the chicken sticking up too high so it doesn’t fit in the oven. Plus, if you only have bottled beer, or a 2 liter soda or whatever, you can still make the recipe … even with just water! Wahoo. I’m so excited!

Anyway, it’s on clearance now so get one while you still can. And the post here and let me know the different things you put into the well to give your chicken that extra special flavor!

Chicken Cooker Chicken Cooker

Ceramic cooker creates a golden, tender chicken in your oven. Fill the well with liquid to steam chicken from inside out. Features handles and pour spout to drain fat. Oven/dishwasher safe. 11″ diam.

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