Last week I got the most adorable thing in the mail. A packet from two ladies in Canada who started a company at

From their press release:
Every parent knows how important it is to send their child to bed feeling secure, comforted and loved. But most parents are familiar with the feeling of “running out of steam” at the end of the day, especially when their child is pleading for “one more story!”
and that’s how Little Stars Bedtime Cards were born!

Shannon McQuillan and Linda Komori developed the cards in response to their own experiences as mothers of young children. The idea is that you tuck one of the conversation starter cards under your child’s pillow and then at bedtime the two of you discuss the simple questions on the back of the cards for a few minutes, creating a lovely bedtime routine. The kids will start to look forward to seeing if there is a card under their pillow each night – helping them to anticipate bedtime instead of avoid it. I think it’s a great idea!

Here’s a quick video showing the cards and how they work. Enjoy:

Make sure you visit their website at to find out more!

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