canoeing-680075-mMy friend posted on Facebook today that her son was having a very hard time after his first day at summer camp. It’s the first time he’s been away from her since he was little and, understandably, he’s frightened, lonely and worried. acheter chaussures nike Also understandably, his mommy is worried and wondering if she should go get him and bring him home. nike air force 1 Most of the comments from helpful moms who have gone before encouraged this mom, in various ways, to make her son “stick it out”, knowing that most kids have some separation anxiety their first time at camp and also saying that independence is important, etc. While that’s true, every child is different and it’s important for you, as a mother or father, to understand what’s going on with your child – only YOU really know that. Thankfully one mom did encourage this young mom to trust her gut and to be faithful to her word with regard to her son. nike air huarache Mom did tell him that if he was still miserable the next day she’d go get him and, she really should be true to her word on that, even if her peers will think she’s overprotective or a “helicopter” parent. air max homme Your children need to know that you can be trusted and if she gets to the camp and finds that this is just a case of nerves and that it might be better for him to stay, they can talk about it then and there and give him the option to give it another try while still keeping her word. Some kids just need more time when they’re separating from parents – yes, even when they’re a little older. nike chaussures Trust your instincts. chaussure nike cortez Know your child. tn requin pas cher pour femme And, if for some reason it turns out that you do have to pick up your son or daughter from summer camp, enjoy it and don’t hang it over their head. Just make the most of the time that you have together and give it another try next year.

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