Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910
Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheap Ways To Romance Your Husband
by Tawra Kellam

Here are some inexpensive ideas to romance your husband and to have more fun on Valentine’s Day!

  • Go to a bookstore, enjoy the silence and browse. Get a cup of coffee and make a date of it.
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day AFTER Valentine’s Day. Everything is half off.
  • Mail a love letter to your hubby’s work.
  • Send your spouse a sexy email message or text.
  • Leave “Why I love you” messages all over the house. Buy a package of the cheap Valentines. Leave a message on each one and hide them all over the house for your honey. They will get to enjoy the gift for months!
  • Use lipstick to make hearts and love notes on the rear view mirror, car windows, bathroom mirror or windows of the house. Leave a kiss on his napkin for lunch or dinner.
  • Make a bunch of hearts out of construction paper. Put a love note on each one. Paste them all over the front door or car before your hubby or kids come home from work.
  • If you don’t have money to go out, have a picnic on the floor. Use some candles and lay a soft blanket on the floor. Put on some soft music and have a romantic Valentine’s dinner on the floor. Use some white Christmas lights for additional romantic lighting!
  • If you are planning on spending the evening in front of a warm crackling fire snuggling with your true love, (Yeah, right! What planet am I from? Did I forget about the 3 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats in the middle?) try spicing up the romance with a couple of handfuls of dried orange or lemon peel thrown into the fireplace.
  • Cover the inside of your love’s car with cut out hearts with romantic notes written on them.
  • Buy a balloon bouquet at the dollar store. Most dollar stores have nice Mylar balloons for $1 each. You can also get some cute cards for 50 cents.
  • Make chocolate covered strawberries and enjoy them with sparkling cider.
  • Don’t forget to stock up on Valentine’s cards and other Valentine’s Day supplies for next year on February 15 when they’re all marked down.
  • I love fresh flowers, but they are so expensive and are a luxury item for me. The morning after Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, I go to my regular grocery store where I can usually find unbelievable buys on fresh flowers. One year they had one dozen roses for just $3!
  • Everyone has her own favorite way of keeping flowers fresh. Mine is to cut all the stems at an angle, add about 1/4 tsp. of sugar and 2-3 drops of Clorox to a vase of warm water. The warm water helps the blooms open fully. Change the water every 3-4 days. Most of the time, my flowers last for two weeks or more when I do this. I also remove any flower as it dies so it won’t contaminate the other ones.
  • Mail a card to your spouse or kids each day during the two weeks before Valentine’s Day. A nice surprise that’s even cheaper is just to put a card or note in each of their rooms or in hubby’s car each morning.
  • Decorate a small box and fill it with cut out hearts for your spouse or kids with messages saying why you love them. Give it to them on Valentine’s Day or give it to them February 1 and let them draw one message each day. Here are some sample messages:
    • “I love you because you love me unconditionally”.
    • “I love the way you smell so good.”
    • “I love it when you think of me first and do things like the dishes.”
    • “I love it when you take the kids to the store with you and give me an hour to myself.”


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