Have you heard of the Infinite Scarf yet?

When the folks from Infinite Scarf approached us and asked if we’d take a look at their scarves of course we jumped on it and said “Yes Yes YES!”.  I’m a confessed scarf-a-holic.  When I go to any store, I make a beeline for the accessories department just to see if they have scarves.  I wear them almost every day and in a variety of ways. I love them and dressing with scarves makes it easy to have a variety of looks with just a few pieces of clothing.  A win-win over all.

This particular scarf is unique in that it’s made from material and a design that you can stretch and loop it in very different ways.  For instance, with this one scarf you’ll have a:  muffler, jacket, sweater, shawl, vest, warmer, hood, cowl, kerchief, cape, stole, tube top, skirt, halter top, strapless dress, off the shoulder evening wear and more!

Watch this fun video to see a model demonstrate the various ways to use the scarf:


Infinite Scarf Website (click here) make sure you use Coupon Code “CODE129” For Special, One-Time Only Price of $19.95 For Two Infinite Scarves

It’s more than just a scarf; it’s a whole wardrobe of fashion accessories!  Perfect for the fashionista or the busy mom in your life, this scarf is just the right fit to accessorize any occasion.  Using miracle fabric, you can stretch it to the size of a tube dress then back down to a scarf with just the swipe of your hand.

And now it can all be yours at a special, one-time only price of $19.95 for two Infinite Scarves (in brown and black) using coupon code “CODE129” at www.InfiniteScarf.com upon checkout. 

I’ve actually had a scarf similar to this one for a while. I really like it. It’s definitely for winter as the material is warm and fuzzy. Very cozy around your neck and arms. While I think the idea of using the scarf as a dress or even a skirt or top is intriguing, realistically it just doesn’t work without some serious additions to help hold the material up as well as something to wear underneath. Once you stretch out the scarf in a single layer it’s pretty see through.

But I do really like the stole, sweater, vest idea as well as all the different ways you can wrap it around your neck and over your head.  And, as I said, it’s pretty warm which is a definite plus as I look out on this very blustery February day.

All that to say, don’t pass up this great 2 for one deal that the folks at Infinite Scarf have offered our readers.  Just use code 129 at checkout and get a black and brown (it looks more “champagne” colored to me) scarf.  Click here to order.


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