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Where to buy: Where to buy: www.sportskids.com

Floating Swimwear make float wear products for babies, toddlers and children that are designed with water safety in mind. The built-in puncture proof flotation will give parents peace of mind when their kids are in the swimming pool but of course it doesn’t eliminate the need to supervise children near water.

This deluxe 2 in 1 swim suit is made from a light-weight and flexible material and comes in an attractive lime color with stripes that can be worn by girls and boys alike. It comes with an attachable floatation vest that consists of soft and flexible foam. It can easily be taken off when playing out of the water due to the durable snapping locks on each side of the swim suit. The suit is very comfortable to wear both in and out of the water and comes in various sizes, XS – Age 2 to 4, S – Age 4 to 6 and M – Age 6 to 8.

Enjoy the many benefits of this swim suit, especially the safety aspect in and around water. For more information on this great product, go to www.Sportskids.com.

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