Many women are natural leaders. And most women who lead have the ability to do so with a strong hand and a warm heart. Women can multi-task like nobody’s business and can also run a family like the Chief Executive Officer of a major corporation.

What can other women learn from powerful women from the last 50 years? A lot. These women lead groups and families with a warm heart and a strong hand. While we consider multi-tasking in our generation to be quite a feat, the women of the past could multi-task contemporary women to shame. Every day women can learn quite a bit from these prestigious and memorable women throughout the last several decades. On Making a Difference If you think about a woman who has made a difference, Jane Adams easily comes to mind. She was a pioneer of the idea of social support groups to help the less fortunate. Jane Adams made a difference in the lives of thousands by providing a safe haven for those less fortunate to turn to in the form of community settlement houses. By leading first with compassion, her work grew to prestigious appointments in government and was the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. On being Innovative Coco Chanel was the inventor of innovative. She was a fashion designer who was not afraid to think outside the box. Coco Chanel was innovative in that she brought a touch of masculinity to women’s wear, changing the way women dress forever. Coco Chanel was not afraid to try something new and her design of the little black dress remains as timeless as ever and probably will going forward into eternity. By being innovative and thinking outside the box, this amazing fashion designer set an example for all women.  On being Steadfast When it comes to the subject of steadfastness, Indira Gandhi comes to mind. She was a female Prime Minister in her country of India who saw her country through many troubled times. Indira Gandhi led her country through famine, financial woes, and a civil war and she led with determination and a steady hand.On Standing up for what you Believe in Rosa Parks comes to mind when we think of standing up for what we believe in not only for the courage she had, but also for her refusal to give up and give in at the same time. Rosa Parks modeled for us to stand up for what we believe in and make a change. With her as a role model, more women today could learn that their one voice can be the voice of thousands.  Any woman who has made a difference or made a change in the history of our lives has had these and many more qualities.

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