barbieDid you play with Barbies when you were a young girl? Did you let your daughters play with Barbies? I had them when I was young (60’s and 70’s) and my girls got them when they were younger but it wasn’t long before I gave them all over to our church garage sale. I didn’t like the message they were sending to my girls about dress, image and body shape. Fjallraven Kanken NO.2 Plus I couldn’t stand it when I’d find outfits and shoes and little things all over the floor! 🙂 We still have my daughter’s “baby dolls” though. Those made for great fun and good dramatic play. So what is it about the history of Barbie … and how is she holding up today? Let’s read a bit in today’s guest article: Dolls have traditionally served as pretend infants for children to care for. That concept changed in 1955 when businesswoman Ruth Handler noticed that her daughter, Barbara, was playing with her paper dolls and changing their clothes if they were adults. In spring 1959, the Barbie doll was born. Girls across the world played with the thin and beautiful doll marketed as a teen fashion model, much to the chagrin of parents who noticed the girls desired to attain Barbie’s™ impossible body proportions. However, in July 2013, Mattel announced that its income fell 24% after four straight quarters of declines in Barbie sales. Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks Could this be a result of a body image shift? A 2006 study conducted by the University of Sussex found that among girls exposed to Barbie, a more full-figured doll named Emme, or no doll at all, the girls who were exposed to Barbie did in fact have a stronger desire to be thin and a lower sense of self-esteem. However, other studies have found that arguments over body image seem to come squarely from the parents. The girls (and boys) who play with Barbies see the toy simply as a vehicle for their own imaginations and can come up with any story lines they want: not necessarily the posh and glamorous lifestyles some parents project upon the toys. Mochilas Fjällräven Kanken Tienda One obvious reason for a decline in Barbie sales could be the economy. With jobless rates still high, constant concern over the economy and job stability could be causing some parents to consider their purchases carefully. Like it or not, Barbie is one item that becomes a luxury in the shopping cart. Nevertheless, the fact that Mattel’s™ Monster High Dolls and the American Girl dolls are still successful might suggest a tide change on the Barbie Doll front. Taking a look at the Monster High dolls, they’re similar to Barbie in size, but a little more alternative – a little more punk rock. American Girl dolls, on the other hand, have virtually no adult features and thus there are no body image issues to fear. They also reflect a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and come with stories about the girls’ ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success: a message any mother or aunt would love to see the girls in their lives read about. Recently toymakers have been addressing the need for girls to take an interest in math, science and engineering at an earlier age and they are marketing toys that will build interest. Toymakers are now marketing girls everything from pink and purple Legos to toys that allow a girl to engineer and design products described in a read-along book. Based on these observations, perhaps there is something about Barbie that is just behind the times. nike chaussures Nevertheless, the dolls are still on the shelves and nostalgic collectors still come out in droves to purchase this doll. nike magista pas cher And although more and more youngsters are beginning to use electronics as a source of entertainment, Mattel has that covered: Last holiday season Mattel marketed an interactive horse accessory for Barbie and her friends, a Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror which converts an iPad into an interactive mirror, and a Barbie Digital Dress Doll that allows girls to use an LED screen and touch technology to customize Barbie outfits.

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