music-in-action-1439016-mHave you ever noticed that kids seem to have a natural pull toward music? Musical instruments are often a mainstay in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, and many parents give their children music lessons of some sort. Turns out, there are good reasons for this! There are actually all sorts of ways that music benefits children. Here are ten of them. music-in-action-1439014-m1. Brain Development The human brain grows and develops for years after a person is born. Exposing that developing brain to music – especially music “training” or lessons – actually enhances the development of the area of the brain responsible for language processing.     music-in-action-1439019-m2. Learning Enhancement In the days before the printed word was so widely available, people learned through song and verse. nike air max 2016 That’s why we have so many nursery rhymes that come from the days before books – their rhymes and rhythms have “stuck” in our minds for generations. nike air max pas cher Setting key information to music is a very helpful way to remember it. 3. Cultural Awareness Studying music opens children’s eyes to the culture around them and cultures of the past. It helps them appreciate the societies and people of various times and places. Few things reflect cultural reality like music does. 4. Confidence Did you ever think of music building confidence? This key character trait can be enhanced by learning music. Playing a musical instrument fosters a sense of accomplishment, and as they develop the skills involved, they gain confidence in their abilities. music-in-action-1439013-m5. nike internationalist soldes Social Skills Being able to play an instrument may give kids the opportunity to make music with others in a band or orchestra. Learning that your individual contribution enhances the group effort is a very important social skill. 6. Mental Pictures The study of music helps children learn to visualize things, creating a strong sense of spatial relationships. This helps with problem-solving as well as practical skills, like properly loading up a backpack. 7. Emotional Outlet Playing music may provide a much-needed emotional outlet and mode of self-expression for children. Perhaps this can stave off destructive or undesirable behaviors. 8. Self-Discipline This crucial life skill is often lacking these days. Music study can help a great deal – if a child wants to be good at the instrument he or she plays, then he must practice…a lot. Children who practice and reap the rewards learn the value of hard work and patience. nike air huarache 9. Remedy for Boredom Music will never get boring or grow irrelevant and stale! Music is always evolving and changing and growing, and your child will always have something new to discover, listen to, and play on his or her instrument. Fjallraven Kanken UK 10. Stepping Out As music study and proficiency builds confidence, it may help kids step out and take some healthy risks, like performing in recitals or participating in competitions.

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