Did you know that recent studies have shown that almost half of all grandparents live more than 200 miles away from their grandkids? The world may seem smaller in a day and age of technology and instant messaging, but the world can seem mighty big when you ache to see your kids and grandkids, and they’re just too far away. nike chaussure However, the modern world does present quite a few options for keeping in touch with far-away grandkids. nike tn pas cher homme Here are eight things grandparents can do to connect with out-of-town grandchildren. 1. Skype Skype can open up whole new worlds for grandparents. You don’t have to have webcams for this, although if you do it opens up the possibility of video chat. All you need are two computers with high-speed internet connections. In fact, you can even do Skype with some phones that have internet access, too. Camera phones allow for video chat. 2. nike air max 90 femme 2017 Google Talk Google Talk is a lot like Skype. You can chat from your desktop or laptop computer, and it has video options as long as you have the hardware. Also like Skype, you simply download Google Talk from the internet. 3. Social Networking Facebook, Myspace, Pinterest, and other social networks provide a convenient platform for out-of-town grandparents to keep up with their grandkids. nike roshe run 2017 This approach may be particularly helpful with grandchildren of pre-teen or teen age. 4. air max soldes pas cher Online Photo Albums The internet offers lots of options for storing your photos. You can then share the password with the grandparents, and they can log in any time to see the latest pictures of their grandkids. 5. Telephone Calls The telephone may be considered old-fashioned in this day and age, but it’s a perfectly legitimate and, for many grandparents, comfortable means of communication. Try scheduling regular phone calls, maybe once a week, to keep in touch. Grandparents can read selections of stories over the phone to young grandchildren, and older grandkids can have special topics and subjects they talk about with grandparents. Many grandkids like to hear stories about when their parents were kids! 6. Tape Recorders Another old-fashioned but fun approach is for grandparents to make tapes. cheap fjallraven kanken Grandparents and parents each need a mini tape recorder, and grandparents and grandchildren can mail audio tapes back and forth and play them on the tape recorders. Usually, all you need is a padded envelope to mail such tapes. Agree to mail them at regular intervals. 7. Online Chat/Instant Messaging Most email platforms offer instant messaging and chat. If not, you can download specific chat software such as Google Talk. Again, all you need is a computer or modern cell phone with internet access. 8. acheter chaussures nike Email It’s easy to forget one of the simplest types of technology for staying in touch.

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