Think of your friend – that beautiful, perfect friend – who had all those lovely photos of herself taken while she was pregnant. nike air max flyknit You dreamed for years of yourself in that glowing light, holding your perfect baby bump with your perfectly manicured hands. Then reality set in and you discovered there are a lot of elements about pregnancy that are less than glamorous – in fact, they’re downright embarrassing. Here are some embarrassing pregnancy issues and what to do about them. You’re at work, feeling kind of nauseous and about to make that big presentation. nike air max tn This is probably the most difficult pregnancy issue women deal with, especially because so often it happens in the first trimester when we haven’t wanted to share the news with the world and we’re not showing yet. Solution? A lot of women make sure to keep a full stomach – something bland, like saltines, eaten every hour or so can make a big difference. Another option? Anti-motion sickness bands. Made of knitted elastic, they’re completely drug-free and use acupressure to prevent nausea. You wear them around your wrists and a little white knob puts pressure on the inside of the wrist. Fjällräven Kånken They’re used for motion sickness, morning sickness and even by patients undergoing chemotherapy. Itchy nipples and leaky breasts – what a way to make a girl feel feminine! Solution? Moisturize and wear nursing pads. True, you’re not nursing yet, but these pads will keep your blouse clean and you embarrassment free. Wearing layers is another good way to camouflage this problem. Hemorrhoids are another embarrassing problem that many women don’t even want to discuss. One easy preventative? Eat foods high in fiber and drink plenty of water. Be sure to drink plenty of fruit juices as well. Avoid lifting heavy objects (as you should while pregnant anyway) and avoid sitting for long periods of time. Get regular exercise and be sure to keep your anal area clean and dry. If you do end up with hemorrhoids, know that there are plenty of over-the-counter medications that can help treat them. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Feeling gassy, or are you constantly stifling a burp? Consider avoiding gas-inducing foods or try an antacid if it’s ok with your doctor. Also, take small bites and take your time eating. Other women are mortified to learn they are leaking urine. This happens because of the pressure of your growing baby on your uterus. Kegel exercises will help decrease this problem – this means contracting and releasing the muscles around the vagina. Kegel exercises are known to tighten things up and help prevent leakage. Another solution is to use the restroom more frequently and perhaps lean forward to be sure you expel all of the urine. Fjallraven Kanken Sale Finally, a maxi pad can help prevent problems of leaking onto clothing. Other embarrassing pregnancy issues aren’t medical. fjallraven kanken Backpack uk What about that stranger on the street who wants to touch your stomach? Many women have said they put their own hand on their stomach to act as a guard then gently (or not) push the offending hand away. After all, they wouldn’t do this to you if you weren’t pregnant. Why should they get to touch you now? Finally, in that last week or two of pregnancy, you’ve gotten quite a bit bigger than you were nine months ago. When that well-meaning waitress leads you to a restaurant booth and you know you won’t fit, feel free to request a table.

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