There is a diet that has found its way to the shores of the US from the UK. It is called the 5:2 diet plan. nike internationalist Have you heard about it? Tried it? What do you think? If you’re new to the idea of the 5:2 diet, here are some pros and cons – after we give you a little information about it all. nike free pas chers What Is 5:2? 5:2 is a diet that promotes a cycle of feasting and fasting. In the simplest terms, you eat normally but healthfully for five days a week while reducing your calorie intake severely for two days of the week. On the two “fasting” days, calories are restricted to 500 for women and 600 for men. The proponents of this plan say that it can help reduce many health risks like Type 2 diabetes, insulin sensitivity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. nike mercurial vapor It is also thought to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Restricting calories on certain days is believed to give your digestive system a rest so the body can repair itself easier and lower the risk of these unhealthy conditions. Pros Let’s look at some of the positive points about this diet plan. air max thea blanche Fasting doesn’t mean going without food. It means eating 25 percent of your regular caloric intake. On those days, you will have to think more carefully about food choices. It can help you shop for healthier foods that are nutrient dense and full of fiber but not calories. Intermittent fasting is believed to be as helpful as lowering caloric intake across the board. Doing it at intervals gives you more control than trying to limit calories each day. The diet plan is flexible. You can choose which two days you want to fast. It is not a good idea to do two consecutive days, but otherwise you can plan around important events. Cons This diet is not for everyone. nike air max pas cher Those who are diabetic, children and pregnant women are just a few who shouldn’t participate. air max soldes pas cher You always think about food. This can be a motivator but for others it can lead to overeating on your normal days so that the fasting is negated. Some are worried that the fasting portion will encourage eating disorders. Those who are most vulnerable to them could get caught up in the fasting and lower food intake on other days as well. Some experts worry that this diet is not sustainable. Most people don’t normally fast as part of their healthy eating lifestyle. Exercising on fasting days can cause issues with energy levels. nike huarache The Verdict Is the 5:2 diet a fad? That depends. When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy, what works best is what you can maintain and incorporate into your lifestyle for the long term.

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