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Although a quick glance through internet blogs, websites and news stories will bring up everything from celebrity high ticket birthday parties to moms who try to one up each other for the most elaborate celebration for their one year old, for your average parent, hosting a child’s birthday party at home is definitely the best way to celebrate the special day.

Home birthday parties are, on the whole, much less expensive than having a party out at a party location. It’s much easier to stay within your budget when you have control over every aspect of the party and, if you decide you want to spend more on the entertainment, you can cut back on other activities, the take home favor or the food choices to keep expenses in line.

Along those lines, you’ll have much more control on the party schedule, saving you money as well. You can determine how long the entire party will be, rather than having the party place dictate your time slot and you will have more flexibility with the timing of the party to work around mealtimes (or not). Most home birthday parties fit into a 2 hour time slot, allotting about 1 hour for entertainment and/or activities and the second hour for presents and cake, cupcakes or other food.

Making your own cakes and menu items provides a tremendous cost savings. Children are quite happy with less expensive options for food anyway. Frozen pizzas, hot dogs or peanut butter sandwiches (cut into fun shapes of course) will always be a hit. A home baked cake from scratch or a box, decorated along the lines of your party theme is very inexpensive and easy to do but if you’re stretched for time or creativity a quick stop to the local grocers bakery will do the trick. They’ll usually add your child’s name and message on the cake for no additional cost too.

Making the birthday party activity or craft the take home favor at your home birthday party is one of my favorite money saving tips. Gone is the silly idea that a take home favor has to be a little plastic bag with cheap plastic toys and candy! Find an inexpensive craft that each child can then take home as their thank you gift! Or hire a home birthday party entertainer that provides a take home gift as part of their services. The kids will love it and so will their parents!

So try your next child’s birthday party as a home party rather than going to a fixed party location and see how much money you will save – and how much more fun you’ll have too!

Annette Yen has been entertaining kids of all ages for birthday parties for over 10 years. She and her team of party leaders would love to serve you at your next home birthday party. Visit her site to join her FREE birthday club: www.FunWithMojo.com and to request information from a local party leader for your next home birthday party.

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