If you have a child in school, you definitely know that it’s good to be an “involved parent.” While this is conventional wisdom, sometimes parents don’t understand why this is important, and they might not know exactly how to get involved. Here are some ideas on what it means to get involved, and why it matters. How to Get Involved 1. nike air huarache avis Help with homework Pretty basic right? You don’t always have to be on the school grounds to be involved. Helping your child with his or her homework puts you in a supportive role where you’re working with the teachers and the school to help your child achieve his or her educational goals. So sit down and help your child with homework, such as drilling spelling words or math facts. You’ll be surprised, too, at how much you’ve forgotten from your own schooling over the years – not only will this help your kids, it’ll keep your own brain sharp too! 2. Volunteer Sources say that even three hours of volunteer time in the classroom over the course of the school year (that’s right – three hours a year!) can make a big difference in academic performance. Fjallraven Kanken Classic So see if you can be a “class parent” this school year, or find out if the library needs an assistant. Just ask around. And don’t be content with a “we’ve got all our volunteer slots filled already – be insistent until you find some place you can serve. 3. Other jobs in the school Your child’s school probably has lots of activities and programs outside of simple academia. From music and sports to fundraisers, there’s almost always a need for parents to help out with these activities. Find out where your participation is needed, particularly in your child’s areas of interest. A simple “I’m available for whatever needs to be done” will mean the world to a stressed out teacher, coach or administrator. Fjallraven Kanken NO.2 Why It Matters All kinds of studies point to the positive effects of parental involvement in schools. chaussures nike femme 2017 Here are some specific ways in which your involvement matters. 1. Support Your child is likely to feel supported if you’re around at school, especially if he or she is in grade school. Your involvement also shows support for the teachers and school in general. nike air max 90 femme 2017 This goes a long way in helping kids apply themselves to their schoolwork. Being involved tells your child and the teachers that you really care about education. 2. Communication When you get involved in your child’s school, you’re helping to bridge the gap between your child’s school life and home life. It can open up doors for communication, because you have a better idea as to what’s going on at his or her school. Your child may feel less like you’re “out of touch” or “just don’t understand.” You’ll better understand the conflicts that your child might be facing, get to know which friends they’re drawn to and see how the teachers interact with your child and other children. nike pas cher 3. Staying in school Did you know that kids whose parents are involved in their school are more likely to stay in school? When you get involved, you’re helping to keep your child in school…and possibly others. Not only that, your involvement might help to encourage another parent to be involved too. That’s a great benefit. So, give it a go. Contact your child’s teacher or administrator and let them know you want to be involved.

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