I have always appreciated Nancy Campbell’s ministry and her family’s contribution to that has been tremendous. nike air max pas cher I always read with interest Serene and Pearl’s articles on health and feeding their families, so when I heard that they came out with a book many years ago I was eager to learn more. It didn’t take long to start hearing from almost everyone about this book. “Have you heard of THM?”, “You should try Trim Healthy Mama.”, “We’re doing the Trim Healthy Mama plan.” I usually hold off on buying a book and check it out first from the library but one of my friends was so eager to have me try this plan she let me borrow her copy. I started reading it… fjallraven kanken uk and then gave it back to her the next day. It was just too much. acheter chaussures nike While I have no doubt these ladies have done their research, I didn’t want to spend that much time thinking about my food! Move ahead to fall 2015 and I see that Serene and Pearl have put out a new edition of the book. It seems to be much less “wordy” and more helpful. The plan, however, is not that “easy” really and you can tell that, not just from getting the book but from a quick glance at all the blogs, websites and facebook groups out there where women everywhere are asking questions about what type of meal they’re eating, “is this on plan” etc. Face it ladies…this is still a DIET whether they want to call it that or not. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Sale The S, Fp and E designations still take some brain power and as I said before, I just don’t want to spend that much time thinking about my food. This book does have some “in a nutshell” sections that seem to condense all that into bite sized snippets that help us – lazy dieters – to get the gist of the plan and follow it a bit. I hope! But I do appreciate that they allow almost everything in moderation. Almost. No sugar. None. Their section on sweeteners is frustrating. Kanken Mini UK I realize they have a great love for stevia, for obvious reasons, but for those of us who have tried it – I mean really tried it – and can’t take it (both the taste and what it does to my digestion) there are really NO other options. I was happy to see they’ve said a LITTLE honey is ok in this book. Everywhere else I’ve looked honey is seen as evil. But again, in all the recipes I’ve seen in these books and online, stevia is the savior ingredient. Blech. Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks The other frustrations – the book is really wordy AND there aren’t recipes. You have to purchase a separate book for that. nike femme pas cher Just be prepared. While initially I was excited to see this version was quite a bit cheaper than the first book, you have to purchase the recipe book to really get the whole benefit, so you’re spending just as much this time around. Keep that in mind when you’re considering getting an older version a friend, thrift store or second hand book shop. Might be worth getting the used older book first to see if you even like the plan for yourself. Bottom line, would I recommend this book and this plan? Probably yes. I’ve known too many people who follow it who it’s helped and, in general, these ladies have taken the time and energy to back up what they’re saying with good research. Plus they’ve been practicing what they preach for years prior to publishing. That says a lot. I received the paperback of this book in exchange for an honest review of the book.

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