I just finished my morning bible reading. For the past year (2015) I’ve used a bible reading plan by Dr. Horner that can be found here (click). It’s been a great system and I plan to keep going through 2016. There’s much that I love about it but it’s 10 chapters a day. That’s a lot. This morning as I was reading I was remembering the days when I couldn’t even read one verse in the bible every day, let alone 10 chapters. Those were the days of 2 young kids in diapers. I remember it well. So, since hindsight is 20/20, I thought I’d give a few suggestions to young moms who, like me, really want to stay in the scriptures but just are trying to stay afloat with life in general and sometimes can’t sit down for a daily “quiet time”.

  1. Throw away the guilt. The devil wants you to constantly lament the fact that you didn’t open your bible yesterday and you can’t find the time to open it today. The more you think about it and feel bad about it the happier the devil is. Don’t buy it. air max soldes pas cher Yesterday is over. cheap fjallraven kanken Backpack Today is a day with challenges and the Lord of Life knows everything that’s happening in your day.
  2. Stumble on it. Put an open bible on a table that you walk by often and catch a glimpse every once in a while. Put a small bible next to the chair where you nurse your infant. nike air max 1 Have the bible available and look at it when you can. Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks Put a bible in the bathroom? Yep! I like Large Print Bibles for the stumble method – (link)
  3. Involve your kids. Read a few verses before every story book. Mochilas Fjallraven Kanken Big Read a few verses aloud at bedtime to your children – even the babies! When your children start to read, have one of the books that they read out loud to you be the bible.
  4. Audio Bibles. I wish I would have done this more when my kids were young. Pull up your favorite bible version on itunes or your listening app and have it running while you cook or anytime you’re doing something in one place for an extended time. This dramatized version of the ESV is free on Amazon! Here are some other options too!
  5. Ask your husband. Have him give you suggestions on verses to read that day or have him read a chapter to you while you prep breakfast or dinner.
  6. Pal up with a friend. basket nike tn Meet up for a playdate at the park and while she’s the eyes, you can read a bit and then trade off.
  7. Use note cards. One evening a week write a verse or two on a 3×5 card that you can glance at throughout the day. Stick it to the bathroom mirror so it’s one of the first things you see in the morning. Don’t stress about it being a memory verse but don’t complain if after reading it every morning for 7 days straight that you’ve actually memorized it! 🙂
  8. Let it go! Have one of those days where you fall into bed exhausted and unable to even think, let alone read? Let it go. Wake up in the morning and start afresh.

My goal here isn’t to help you to NOT read your bible during this season of life. It’s just the opposite. I believe bible reading is one of the most important things you can do as a young mom, but I also believe that realistically it’s REALLY hard! Enjoy this article from John Piper on the subject (click).   This post, fyi, contains some affiliate links in an effort to help you find what you might need.

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