Book title: The Bee-Friendly Garden Authors: Kate Frey and Gretchen LeBuhn Release date: February 9, 2016 My rating: 4 stars Review: About 10 years ago we moved to this gorgeous place we still call home. One of the attractions about moving here was that there were two large gardens on the property. fjallraven kanken uk I had great dreams of gardening the spring and summer away. It didn’t quite work out that way. basket nike My passion level, my other responsibilities and the overwhelming amount of weeds did me in. I now have two large weed patches on my 3 acre space. ­čÖü But I’m still intrigued and still consider myself a wanna-be gardener and hope, some day, to make that a reality. That’s one of the reasons I was excited to get this book. Isn’t it pretty? The cover is lovely and the entire book is full of gorgeous garden photographs. I love it just for that. Do yourself a favor and get the paperback book rather than the kindle version of this one – you’ll be glad you did. nike air max 90 If you’re a homeschooling family, or just a family that loves to do projects together, this book can be your textbook for a unit study on bees. nike air force 1 Talk about hands on learning! The first section of the book gives fabulous details about various species of bees and the rest of the book will help you to study and plant a gorgeous bee (and other beneficial insects) garden no matter how much space you have. The format is pretty user friendly and you don’t have to be a master gardener to make it work. Even if you don’t plan to plant a bee-friendly garden, this book would make a great coffee table book and will create some great discussion around the table with family and friends. nike air max 2017 All in all, I’d definitely recommend this lovely book!   I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation for this post nor was I required to write a positive review.

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