Book title: Beautiful Uncertainty Author: Mandy Hale My rating: 2 stars My review: I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book as I had not heard of the author or her previous books, but since I have two young adult daughters, I thought it might help me as I understand what they might be thinking in this stage of life. nike air max tn I’ll admit, I’ve not read the book cover to cover yet, but I just couldn’t get there. nike x fragment While the writing style is engaging and intensely personal, and I can see why young women might be flocking to this gal’s books, I was disappointed with the overall tone of the book. cheap fjallraven kanken Toward the end of the book, for instance, she shares a story of meeting up with a guy with whom she had a “former flirtation”, how he spilled coffee on her phone, and how that led to her meeting the cute guy at the phone store. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Really? This is “singleness, surrender and stepping out on faith”? Littered with statements along the lines of “The seventh year will be the ‘Year of Completion’ for you and Mr. nike homme E,” God whispered to my heart”, and “I swear I felt Him laugh” this book made me a quite uncomfortable – so much so that I can’t recommend it.

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