Book Title: Breaking Busy Author: Alli Worthington Amazon Link: Breaking Busy Kindle Link: Breaking Busy My rating: 3.5 stars     My review: I have to be honest. nike air max 2018 I’ve been a “fan” of Alli Worthington for quite some time. I don’t quite remember when I first found her, but I’m pretty sure it was before the first Blissdom event. basket nike She’s one of many bloggers/online “gurus” that I enjoyed reading but I always noticed that she was different. Where all the other “experts” would encourage their readers to interact with them and then never respond if a regular follower commented about something, Alli actually DOES interact. She doesn’t say “Join in the conversation” and then not converse back herself, she interacts with individuals. I like that about her. nike air max 2015 Her natural voice in her writing is enjoyable and makes this an easy to read book and one that you want to keep reading once you start. air max 90 femme Most of my young mother life was pretty close to what Alli describes in this book – crazy busy, over-committed and under prioritized. I wish she had written the book back then! 🙂 The format is nice – personal stories, scripture encouragement and tips and action items to help you make the positive changes. nike air presto I wouldn’t say there’s anything “new” or earth shatteringly helpful in this book, but it’s a good and easy read and I’d recommend it.

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