Book Title: Priceless Weddings Author: Kathleen Kennedy Purchase on Amazon (paperback) Purchase on Amazon (kindle) My rating: 2 stars     My Review: When I got this book I pretty much knew what to expect so I wasn’t disappointed. I was, in fact, a bit surprised that there were parts of the book that I enjoyed. It’s a tough topic because … tn nike weddings cost money. Fjallraven Kanken A lot of money. Fjallraven Kanken And it’s pretty much common sense to think that if you want to save money you’ll need to do things yourself or have your friends and family pitch in. The best advice in the book is to talk together as a couple and agree on the things on which you refuse to compromise – for some that might mean the biggest bulk of the wedding budget goes to a professional photographer instead of a friend who does it on the side, etc., for others it will mean a big chunk of the money goes toward the rental of an historic looking church. Each couple, obviously, will be different … and obviously is the key word here. Much of what the book discusses results in the reader thinking “obviously.” Honestly, the easiest way to have a wedding for under $5,000 without a lot of work (and I’m not saying that doing the work yourself is a bad thing… but it is work!) is to do it VERY VERY small – immediate family and a friend or two with coffee and cookies afterward. Done. I appreciate the research the author put into the book and the first hand stories are nice. nike air max pas cher I hope it’s helpful to brides looking to have a nice wedding with a bit less cost. I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Fjallraven Kanken Kids Backpack I was not required to leave a positive review, nor was I compensated to write this.

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