I read this today on my friend Carrie’s blog and thought it was great advice:

The first is from a subscriber to my newsletter about limiting TV. She asks:

Dear Carrie,

We are doing well with our now much limited use of TV (I would say at the most 3hrs a week total).

However, I am really struggling with things to do with my almost three year old son.  My girls are doing well.  They are 8 and 6 and they are being more creative, pulling out all kinds of toys rarely played with, going outside more and generally living life more.

But my son is the hard one.  Also, I find I’m not getting any housework done because I’m having to entertain my kids so much.  Our house is staying a wreck most of the time and I’m struggling with this aspect.  Help!!!!!!!!!!  Do you have any solutions?

Mom R

I totally understand this problem! It’s definitely an issue with kids around 3 and 4. One thing I’ve done that helps is to keep a large box (at their level so they can get it themselves) in the kitchen full of art materials: paper, colored pencils, crayons, stickers, watercolors, coloring books, paper dolls, etc. My 4 year old gravitates to it several times a day as does the 2 year old.

Click HERE to read the rest of Carrie’s advice.

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