Many many years ago (that still seems impossible to me) when my girls were still in diapers and we lived in a lovely townhome close to plenty of great grocery stores, I opted to try a grocery delivery service just to keep my sanity. At that time such a thing was pretty unique and as time went on my little local delivery service sold out to the now HUGE service we all know as Peapod.   It was great! Not only did it save me a trip in the car with two little ones in diapers and car seats and all of that, I found that I actually saved money despite the slightly higher pricing on some things and the addition of a delivery charge. How in the world? Simple! I rarely had the chance to do any type of impulse buying that was so easy to do at the local grocery, WalMart or even Whole Foods across the street. Everything was online, of course, so occasionally I’d throw something not on my list into my digital shopping cart but for the most part, I could shop in my pjs based on my list quickly, and at midnight or whenever I had a free moment. nike air max flyknit 2017 As the girls got older and taking those trips to the store didn’t cause me to hyperventilate, I stopped using the service but over the years I’ve picked it up again off and on during busy seasons, etc., and I’m always happy that I do. The whole idea has expanded beyond Peapod now, too, of course. My favorite service right now is one called Door to Door Organics. This company started as a farm to home organic produce delivery service but has since expanded into most other grocery items too. nike internationalist soldes They work on a subscription service, sending you a box of produce each week or every two weeks (your choice) along with any other items you might choose to add to the delivery. You can opt to skip a week, put your subscription on a vacation hold or cancel and restart whenever you need longer breaks. nike air max flyknit It’s great. nike tn pas cher homme The produce is delicious and, as the name suggests, organic. Pricing is fair and because they work with local farmers, the produce they choose in each week’s box is picked based on what is in season. soldes air max pas cher Don’t like what the box this week contains? Just swap out the things you’d rather not get with things you want up to the evening before the next delivery.

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