We bought a new car recently: So recently that we can still smell that “new car smell” and the trunk looks totally pristine and clean. I know that won’t last long but it sure is nice every time we get in. Mochilas Kanken You hear the bells, the “new” sound of the turn signal click, the little song it plays when you push the start button (keyless start – I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to that!) – it all signals NEW every time we get in to drive. It’s fun. I can still remember one of the first times I bought a car for myself. I was just out of college and needed something to get me up and down a mountain in Colorado where I had a job at a Dude Ranch. Back then you found used cars by looking in the paper, making a phone call, and going for a test drive. I was young, a girl, and had no idea what I was doing. Nike Air Max 1 Femme I even called my father from the seller’s house phone just to get another “feel” for this deal I was getting in to. While the car did serve me for a bit, I bought a lemon. We discovered they did some cover up work to hide damage from an accident. nike pegasus Anytime I drove down the dirt mountain road, dust and dirt would pour into the back seat. It makes for a good memory but at the time I felt like I was taken advantage of – because I was. Fjallraven Kanken Mini The internet makes things much easier for car buying – used and new cars. For this new car, my husband had the exact make, model, and color he wanted in mind and he just contacted dealers in our area to see who would give us the best deal. That works for a new car. With new cars you’re comparing apples to apples so to speak. That’s not really the case with a used car, although you can do something similar for those too – IF you know exactly what you want and can be flexible with the mileage, the year of the car, or both. But if you’re really just thinking “I need a car – any car” then it’s good to have some resources out there to help. nike air max 97 Cars.com is one of those resources. They’ve got several spots on their site that are great in helping car buyers find the right car, compare it to other possible cars, and get it for the right price.

For instance, they offer a car comparison listing (click to view) where you can look up cars or trucks of interest and compare them to other similar cars/trucks. This page (click) for instance, gives a great overview of some of the top sedan options for the 2017 car year. The pros and cons of each of the cars is listed and they’re ranked. nike internationalist (sidenote – their top sedan choice is the one we decided to purchase!) Another great resource on the Cars.com site is the Lessons for First Time Buyers (click) page. Full of links to articles by regular car buyers giving their experience, this is a great starting place for anyone who is just starting out in their car buying journey. The Cars.com site is something I definitely wish I would have had when I was buying that clunker 30 years ago in Colorado!

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