Title: The Spurgeon Study Bible Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers With forward and biography of Spurgeon by Alistair Begg Buy on Amazon (click) My rating: 4.5 stars My review: This is a beautiful bible. fjallraven kanken Backpack uk It’s a great size for a study bible and the little touches that include copies of Spurgeon’s own handwritten notes and some of his lost sermons is really great. Mochilas Kanken Mini The biography at the beginning by Alistair Begg is wonderful too. nike air max 2012 There is much good to say about this bible and it’s a great price for what you get. basket nike The commentary itself isn’t extensive but that’s not surprising nor does it take away from the overall value of the book. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack I’m not a huge fan of putting a man’s name on the bible, though I understand why it is in this case. Fjallraven Kanken UK I’m thankful the cover signature is subtle though. nike free run I received a copy of this bible in exchange for an honest review.

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