Wow. I just finished the last of a six part online course on marriage and family put out by Kirk Cameron with his wife Chelsea. They’re incredibly open and honest and the resources they include with the course are helpful. There are 6 videos, each about 20-30 minutes long with Kirk and Chelsea sitting in their kitchen and just sharing their hearts with very specific information to help you have a stronger, happier marriage as well as a solid, biblical relationship with your children as you are raising them. This course is the first of many upcoming courses (the second one is called Engage which is on technology and I’m 2 lessons in and it’s equally fabulous) that they’ll be offering but I really want to recommend it. Disclaimer: This course (and all of his courses) are unashamedly Christian in focus. The bible is central to each session and the basis for their advice so keep that in mind.  So don’t be surprised by it if you decide to purchase the course.  You heard it here first! Anyway, I wanted to pop over here and recommend it. I bought the course – I get nothing from them if you decide to purchase or anything like that.

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