I was a little skeptical. I’ve never done or seen a “color run” but I know many of my daughters’ friends have done them and loved it. Just seemed like a big mess to me but, whatever. To each his/her own.

But then I heard about Just Add Color.  The lights went on and I thought – YES!  For this former birthday party organizer and entertainer, this seemed like the perfect idea!  And it is.

Just Add Color was the brainchild of a creative dad who took his experience with the product back to where it’s the most fun. HOME!    And it’s excellent!

When you order your Just Add Color party pack, you get TONS of color dust.  It’s a LOT!  So you can do all kinds of different activities with it and still have more for another party. Seriously!  This is awesome, you guys!

The party pack comes with a fabulous idea book and if you need more ideas, Ryan is keeping a list and is happy to share the other fun ideas he and other customers have.  The possibilities are endless and that’s why having ALL THAT COLOR in your party pack is so tremendous. After your first party you’ll WANT to have another… and another!

Ok, so take a look at how it works:

Check out what you get in your party pack… I’m telling you it’s a TON!

5 lbs of Purple powder
5 lbs of Pink powder
5 lbs of Blue powder
A booklet/guide for ideas of how to use the powder for your party – so many great ideas!
3 bottle “paintbrushes” – awesome!
PLUS Free shipping if you get the pack.

If you get some old stockings or socks, you can put the powder in there and play tag or any number of games.  Add the powder to plain shaving cream (the cheap stuff is best) and use paintbrushes to paint garage doors, etc., or for an indoor party, use it as finger paint.

In the summertime combine it with a splash party and get clean up included!


The only negative … just because I want full disclosure … this IS dust.  It’s a lot of dust.  I worried a bit about my dad who has lung issues so he gets a dust mask for the activities that include throwing or squirting the dust at each other.  And … it’s messy.  While it’ll all wash off, some materials will likely hold the dust longer and need several washings. I would definitely not use this with a brand new coat, new jeans, new sneakers, etc., unless that’s something that’s included in the party (decorating your clothes).  While we didn’t get a chance to use them, I had planned on having cheap rain ponchos for the kids in case their parents freaked out about the powder all over their clothing.
Now that we did our multi-generational Thanksgiving with the kit, my 20-something kids and their friends are dreaming up all kinds of ways to have an at-home powder fun event.  Watch here for more to come!
Ready to have your own party?
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Was $150 Just $75!For More Information and to Get the Party Started: https://www.justaddcolor.com/
I received a party pack in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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