I’m a huge fan of baby sign language and specifically the BabySigns® program (click here for an introduction to that if you haven't watched already).

I’m often asked, “Where do we start?” My first answer to that question is, “Wherever is natural.” You’ll find when you interact with your baby that you’ll be saying similar phrases or words to communicate. Go with that and either create your own sign for it or use one of the signs that we offer.

Let me give you an example of a “natural” sign. The nose “boop”. Very often when you’re interacting with your baby on the diaper changing table, or while he’s on your lap, you’ll naturally do little things like “boop” his nose. That’s a “sign” – and it’s usually accompanied by the verbal cue, “Boop”. You’re signing and he’s learning that those two things go together.

Another example would be kissing. The key here is to make it playful and say “kisses” each time you go in for a kiss so your baby can associate that word with the “sign” of kissing.

For more formal signs, here are a few of my favorites that get used many times throughout the day and you can start incorporating even with very young babies. While they won’t be able to use the sign until they’re older, they’ll start making the association early on and before you know it, they’ll communicate their needs and you WILL know what they want! It’s amazing.

Ok, so here you go:

This is the sign for EAT.
This is the sign for ALL DONE (two options that I’ve seen used)
This is the sign for MORE (or AGAIN)
These are the signs for MILK and DRINK
And don’t forget THANK YOU!

So what are some signs that you’re thinking might work best with your little one? I’m happy to help! Just contact me or add yourself to my mailing list at the bottom of this post (click) and you’ll get more tips in your email inbox!

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