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Like most people, I’m not the greatest about doing everything I SHOULD be doing to make sure my teeth stay healthy. Sure I brush and floss every day… or … maybe I brush every day and floss many days … or maybe I brush every day and floss…sometimes!

When I was young, I was plagued with cavities. I’ve since learned that some people just are cavity-prone so was that the case with me or was it my diet? Or was it a combination of both? I’m not sure and I’m thankful that there’s been great progress in dentistry so my fillings could be replaced with better material, etc.

What I do know is that no matter what I do, I rarely or never can get my teeth quite as clean as my great hygenist does twice a year (I guess that’s why we go for cleanings, huh?)

So I was quite intrigued when I learned about these:

Plaque Disclosing Tablets for Adults and Kids

What a great idea. Chew a disclosing tablet, rinse your mouth and look in the mirror to see exactly where the tartar and plaque is building up on your teeth. Then you can focus a bit more on those areas in between cleanings and your hygenist and your dentist will be happy! More importantly, your teeth will be healthier overall…win win.

The purple color is fun (recommended for age 5 and up – make sure your child can spit well) for kids and adults. I’ll be honest though, at my first chew the disclosing agent did have a little bit of an odd taste along with the berry flavor. It didn’t last long though and was tolerable. It really does work too. Although there’s pretty much purple everywhere in your mouth, plaque and tartar show up darker so it’s really easy to see.

And to give it a try, my readers can enjoy 25% off any set of plaque highlighters with the code usfg25

Let me know if you give them a try. I’d love to hear what you think!

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