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*** NOTE: for some reason the embedded YouTube videos are not working in this presentation. Links to those video are right here:

P6 Pressure Point video:

Alignment Video:

Melt Method in Pregnancy:

Here are some common complaints or discomforts in various stages of pregnancy. Listed below are some of the resources I talk about in this presentation! Enjoy!

Morning Sickness:


P6 Pressure Point (and other pressure points):


Pregnancy/Travel nausea relief bands:

Alignment in Pregnancy: (check with your medical provider before starting any new exercises) – a series of great videos for exercise during all stages of pregnancy! (message me for a discount coupon!)

Teas: (check with your medical provider before trying a new type of herb tea)
Peppermint Tea:
Chamomile Tea:

Ginger Nausea bites:

Hemorrhoid relief:
Sitz bath:
H-Salve: (a little goes a long way!)

Ice cap:
Peppermint Essential oil: contact me – I know reps for various companies

Other helps:

Nutritonists: Put in your zip to get a list near you:


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