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Do a quick search almost anywhere – You will quickly learn that plastics, partially because they’re now pretty much EVERYWHERE, are not so great for our health. Then there’s the fact that most plastics get thrown away but even if you’re great at recycling, only a percentage gets reused. This is a problem.

Now translate all that to baby bottles, and you realize we’re complicating the problem:

  • Breastmilk pumped into plastic bags for freezer storage
  • Formula in plastic tubs
  • Plastic bottles for drinking
  • Sometimes plastic bottles get microwaved to heat the milk (please don’t!)
  • etc. etc. etc.

So … what are the options? Well, you can cut down on some of these things. It’s difficult, with a small freezer, to use anything but the plastic storage bags for stored breast milk. My daughter, for instance, has them beautifully lined up, by date, and could basically feed an army of babies with what she’s stored at this point (she shares with other mommies in the area)! Yay her! With the plastic bags she’s still got room for all that and adult food too. It’s a win.

But if you happen to have a large freezer with more room, glass is an excellent choice even for this. Just pump (yeah the pumps have plastic too) and fill a glass container. Cover, label, and freeze. The only thing you usually need to do, depending on the type of container you have, is to not fill it completely to the top to allow for the freezer expansion. Glass is naturally recyclable – throw the jar into the dishwasher and voila, they’re sterilized and ready for the next storage or feeding. Glass has no plastic and is safe to freeze, warm, and feed. While you can microwave in glass and not worry about the plastic leeching into your milk, I still would not do that because of what it does to the milk. Better to heat on the stove top or run under the hot tap water.

With glass there’s no messy transfer of the milk from the bag to the bottle. Just switch out the lid for a nipple and there you go. You’re ready to feed!

And, over the course of the year, you’ll be saving money with these glass bottles. Plastic bottles can get scratches over use which then harbor bacteria so you’ll need to buy more, but glass bottles will last the lifetime of many children. It’s a win-win.

BurrBaby is a fairly new company that has this all figured out for you. With their starter kits you can be ready to go quickly with everything you need for storage and feeding! Plus they’re just adorable bottles too!

What do you think? Would you be attracted to glass. It was the only option for moms many years ago. There are people still alive today who were fed with only glass!

Let me know your thoughts!

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