I love scrapbooking and it’s a great easy preschool craft for young kids too. Preschool arts and craft projects are great for little ones’ brains too as they have to follow steps, predict outcomes, etc, plus it’s great focused one on one time for the two of you! Kids crafts are wonderful for fine motor skills too which is essential and helpful for when your child is ready to do serious handwriting.

And this easy craft project is simple and chances are pretty good you have the items needed around the house.

You need:

3 Paper bags (lunch sized – white if you have them but kraft is fine too) per book
Glue or Glue sticks
Stickers, markers, paints, stamps and yarn to decorate


Fold the 3 bags flat and then in half. Lay one of the bags flat and then glue the other two bags down on top of each side (half) to make a 6 page book.


Start decorating your pages with cardstock, paints, markers, etc. The open ends of each bag can be secret compartments for special pictures or treasures. You can make a tie closing by laying a piece of ribbon or yarn across the back of the book and securing it down with a piece of cover cardstock.



Make a large sized book like this with regular sized grocery bags too!

Have fun and I’d love to post copies of your creations here. Just email pictures to us at mom at parentingzoo dot com.


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