Safety Tips – Keeping Kids Safe While Shopping

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Laurie has a great post over on her blog about keeping children safe during the busy holiday shopping season!

“Unfortunately many adults and children don’t know what to do if they lose each other in a public place or are faced with other unsafe situations,” said actor Tim Kang. “That’s why the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is offering advice on how to remain safe and avoid panic and potential dangers.”


Read the rest of her post when you click here.

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Chicago art classes for tots

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Image by roberthuffstutter via Flickr

I just learned about this fabulous place called “The Color Wheel Studio” – an art studio for kids. It looks like they’ve thought of everything!

Click here for more info and if you live in Chicago or plan to visit this summer, make sure you drop by!

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Contest Winner Announced

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A Noah’s Ark Workshop animals is part of this great grand prize basket. Cute huh?


CHARLESTON, S.C., SEPTEMBER 28, 2009—The owners of Templeton’s – Timeless Infant Silver have proudly announced they’ve given up the binky.
When corporate giant Playtex issued a cease and desist warning to sisters Neyle and Rhett Templeton for using the term “binky” in the name of their signature piece—a sterling silver pacifier holder that adapts to a mother’s bracelet—the sisters quickly organized a national contest to rename the product.

Thanks to Jee Youn Fickling of Charleston, whose name entry was selected from among several hundred entries received after the contest formally began on Aug. 7, Templeton’s has a new, more sophisticated name for what was formally called the Heirloom Binky Bracelet: the Heirloom Bijou Bracelet.
Fickling, who has a degree in French, suggested using the word “Bijou” because it is French for jewelry, “an item to be adorned,” explained Rhett Templeton. “We think it’s perfect, and beautiful too, just like the bracelet,” she said.

As the Grand Prize Winner, Fickling will receive a large basket stuffed with “Infant to Mommy” Products donated by clients of the PR and Marketing Company Baby Swags, which places “mompreneur” creations in swag bags for celebrities. The basket had been on display in Charleston children’s boutique Jackson Madeleine – Classics for Children, where the formal contest winner announcement was just filmed.

“This contest could not have been possible without all of the support from the mompreneurs who donated to our gift basket and helped promote our contest,” Templeton said. “I’m still so baffled by all of the support that we have received, and the bonds that we have created with all of these women.”

The Templetons not only received basket donations from the U.S., but from Australia and Canada as well.

A list of stores that sell the Heirloom Bijou Bracelet, and an online store, can be found at

For more information, please contact Rhett Templeton at 843-795-PACI (7224), or

Do you like contests?

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Do you like online contests or would you like to know how to get in on more sweepstakes and online giveaways or get free product samples to try before you buy?

Well, my friend Courtney is doing a seminar to talk about how moms can do just that and how to maximize things so that you can up your chances of winning!

Her seminar is only $1 (yep that’s one dollar) and if you can’t make it live you can get the audio and transcripts afterward too!

CLICK HERE to check out the seminar and sign up!

Around the Parenting Blogs – October

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Off I go on my blog tour again and wanted to update you on some great stuff happening out in the world of parenting and preschool blogs that I love.  And again, if you know of another blog that I should include on my monthly tour, let me know!

Over at they’ve got this cute meme each Thursday called “Dear Kid Thursday”.  The idea is that you write a blog post as a letter to your child about something that happened that week.  Such a great idea!  Check it out when you click here.

I liked the post over at about watching television and toddlers.  She gives some good tips on what to do instead of TV too, which is great.  I can’t believe how many children have their own TV in their room – wow!

My friends over at EasyToddlerMeals always have great things on the menu but this week she’s got a great recipe for Mini Meatloaf that your kids will love!  Check it out!

There’s a fun contest for those of you in the UK and EU over at the Play-Activities blog – cute prizes!

Listen to the Natural Moms Podcast where Carrie interviews Donna Batemen about your child’s brain development.  Some of the moms from my church and I have been talking about this and it’s really fascinating.

Miss Lisa over at the Bookworm Broadcast gives some tips about raising early readers.

You have until Monday to get in on the giveaway.  Click Here to check out the details.

Another great contest is going on until Wednesday over at Tips for Toddlers.  You can win a K’NEX building set – check it out HERE.

Don’t forget to stop by the Educational Toy Factory too and sign up for their newsletter.  She’s got a bunch of activities there as well.  Check out THIS post for more details.

And finally there’s Dawn over at “Because I Said So” who always has a great story to tell!  Head on over for a giggle!

That’s it for this month.  Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Around the Parenting Blogs

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I’ve been looking around for some other great resources for all you parents of preschoolers and toddlers and wanted to make a note of a few things for this week.

1. Our friends over at are hosting the Carnival of Parenting Podcasts – make sure you check it out:

2. If you’ve got plans to visit Disney World or Disney land anytime in the near future with your little ones, make sure you check out the tips over at And don’t forget your credit card – it’s expensive!!!

3. My friend Suzanne over at has some cute snack ideas that are inspired by Dr. Seuss! I think it’d be great to head to the library, get a few of the book titles she recommends and have a Dr. Seuss week – read a book a day and share the snacks – too much fun! Our favorite Seuss book was “The Foot Book”
I notice she doesn’t have a snack to go with that one… hmmmm…

4. Lisa over at Educational Toy Factory reminds us about National Museum day that’s coming up this Saturday and she’s got some other great posts there including some challenging Thursday Thinkers (she stumps me all the time!)

5. Lisa’s also got a great site called – make sure you check that one out – fabulous info there!

6. More great meal and snack ideas can be found over at and this week she’s got a great sample 5 day meal planner that will be extremely helpful!

7. Miss Lisa of the tells us about a Tricky Sentence Exercise. Make sure you check out her adorable story videos too!

Don’t forget to enter our contest – you can do that by CLICKING HERE!

We’ll take another blog tour next week! And if you know of another great blog or website geared toward parents of preschoolers, please let me know. We’d love to add them to the tour next time!

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