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If you haven’t noticed, I do a lot of book reviews on this blog.  I love books but I also believe that reading to and with your children is one of the most important things that you can do for their emotional and academic health!

Once in a while, the reviews can get overwhelming and that’s when I’m thankful to have something like this to share an opinion on – something so fun for kids and something that parents will love too.

Introducing the Wee Alphas card pack.

Doesn’t really look like much, huh?  But wait – just wait!






wee3Enclosed in this adorable little box are 26 preprinted postcards.  Each front is an animal shaped out of a letter of the alphabet – A to Z.  On the back of each card is an area for the sender to fill in the blanks. Sometimes it’s really simple. Other times it’s a little more complicated to think of what to say. But it’s ALWAYS fun – to send and to get.





I decided when I received this that I’d send a card a week to my niece’s two little cutie pies.  Hwee2er son is 3 and at the age where he can appreciate getting real mail.  According to my niece, he loves getting his card every week.



wee5The illustrations are so cute, I could see someone putting the whole series up on a wall in a child’s room or playroom. So adorable!

Is it rocket science?  No. But it IS unique and wonderful.  And well worth the $8 price tag (at this writing anyway).  So get a box, pick a child and start sending!





wee4I received these postcards from the publisher and was not required to leave a positive review.  I just really like them!


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