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I’m a fan of putting words on walls.  I have several vinyl wall quotes that I’ve gotten over the years that I love.

Family Rules Poster I really like this idea too…. a family rules poster.  Especially when it’s customized with your own family pictures – the kids will enjoy looking at it and remembering the things your family values as important.

Of course, there are a lot of places you can make up something like this. If you’re a photoshop user, this is probably a no-brainer.  But for graphics impaired folks like me, companies like are a life saver!

This poster, for instance, is an uploaded template that you can easily personalize with your own wording and pictures.  Then download and print at your local print shop or WalMart and voila – something lovely and valuable to hang on your walls!


I think once you start you’ll get addicted to all the different posters and prints you can make – easily and quickly. You can make photo cards, too.  Such fun!  They’ve even got templates for sports schedules, event announcements and more!

Thanks to my friends at USFamilyGuide, I can offer you a half off coupon (click to get the coupon) off the downloadable prints!  You’re welcome!


Disclaimer: By publishing this blog post I MAY receive a complimentary poster for review. I did not receive anything in advance for this post.

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