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Classical music is great for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and older…. it’s great for everyone. I don’t know the specific statistics but it’s safe to say that listening to classical music helps those little brains develop into thinking minds…and that’s definitely what you want.

Download some beautiful tunes by Mozart and Bach to your ipod and let it play before (and during) naptime or when the kids are drawing or crafting. Have it on softly in the background while you read to them or while you’re cooking in the kitchen and they’re playing in the high chair or helping you. It’s remarkably soothing for them and for you.

And as soon as you have a chance, find a local concert to bring your kids to. Once they’ve heard some of the songs over and over on CD or your ipod, they’ll love hearing it live and seeing the instruments that make the music right in front of them. Summertime is a great time for it too because so many towns, large and small, have “concerts in the park” for free -which means little ones can listen and run around if needed! 🙂


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