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Simple Green Stainless Steel One-Step Cleaner and Polisher is an easy and safe stainless steel cleaner. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and does not contain any petroleum products. It is also non-abrasive, non-flammable, contains zero VOCs and is safe to use around your children and pets.

Simple Green is a socially responsible company that has been manufacturing and selling environmentally safe cleaning products for over 30 years.

The Simple Green Stainless Steel One-Step Cleaner & Polisher can be used on all high-end chrome and stainless steel appliances and surfaces in kitchens. It easily cleans toasters, backsplashes, fixtures, grills, just to name a few. It also wipes away smudges, fingerprints, streaks, water stains and leaves your stainless steel looking sparkling clean and protected.

The concentrated cleaner comes in a 16oz or a 32oz spray bottle.

For more information on this environmentally friendly stainless steel cleaner, go to www.amazon.com.

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