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The Thermofocus Non-Contact 5 in 1 Thermometer is the first and only FDA (Food & Drug Administration) registered non-contact medical thermometer. It is clinically proven to be just as accurate as rectal or ear thermometers, but at the same time it is non-invasive. The temperature is taken from the child’s forehead, naval or armpit in less than a second and won’t cause the child any unnecessary trauma.

It is completely hygienic and safe to use and won’t pass illnesses onto other family members. The thermometer offers a one button operation measuring fever and ambient room temperature. It can also easily gauge the temperature of baby baths, formula and food. It comes with a Fahrenheit or Celsius digital LED display and a 9 memory function.

Included in your purchase are 4 AAA batteries, which should give you over 10,000 readings, as well as an instructional DVD to ensure proper usage of the thermometer.

For more information on the Thermofocus Thermometer or to purchase the product, go to www.amazon.com.

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