When my girls were little we spent so much time reading.  They loved it and often they’d ask for the same book to be read to them over and over (and over and over). Repetition is a good thing for little ones but, as with music, with books it gets old for mommy after a while. Unless you find a great one like “Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?”

This book quickly became a favorite for both of my girls as well as me.  I always tried very hard to “do the voices” in the books that we read together and something about this book called out for a cute little teddy bear voice for Little Bear.  It was SO fun to read and the girls loved it every time.  In fact, now that they’re teenagers we still pull the book out occasionally and remember it fondly.  I especially like to hear one of my girls read it to a younger child here for a visit.

This is definitely a book you’ll want to keep on your bookshelf for your own kids as well as future grandchildren. I’m serious – it’s that good!

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