Here are some more ideas for keeping your preschoolers occupied without automatically turning on the TV or popping in a DVD:

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4. Sand table. Fill a big bin with play sand and place it on a table or the floor, with a plastic cloth underneath for easy cleanup. Give them digging tools and small buckets to pack full of sand. You can even bury treasures for them to find.  If you add a bit of water to the sand, they can build sand castles in the bin. If you don’t like the idea of using Sand, use cornmeal or Rice (they just don’t “build” but are great for pouring) and digging.

5. Read a book. If your kids can’t read on their own yet, get some books on tape from the library, and have them follow along. You can create your own book on tape by recording yourself reading the book, and ringing a bell whenever they need to turn the page. You could also look for exciting picture books that have hidden pictures, or objects your kids need to look for in the illustrations.

6. Dress up clothes. Who doesn’t like dressing up and pretending they’re someone else?  Find some fun dress up clothes at the thrift shop or in your closets. Look for entertaining accessories like feather boas, hats, gloves, and shoes.  For older kids, see if they can act out a favorite story, or put together a play to show you when you’re done working.

The next time you need to occupy the kids so you can focus on your own projects, leave the TV turned off. Instead, try one of these fun activities for young kids at home. When you plan ways for keeping kids busy without TV, you can feel good about the time your kids have to spend without you.

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